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Cloverworks presents its new project of the year entitled “Bocchi the Rock!”. The upcoming anime is said to be the music-themed anime and may become the top-ranked music anime of the year. When it comes to anime and music, the two concepts go hand in hand, and sometimes the music in anime is more than just an opening and ending theme. The anime, which revolves around the whole concept of music, can give you a lot of information on the subject that you will get from boring lectures. Other than that, music themed anime are very soothing and relaxing on the eyes.

All of these characteristics of musical anime are evident in series like “Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad”, “K-on!”, “Your in April”, etc. Bocchi the Rock! from Cloverworks expects similar expectations. The anime was announced in 2021, which made fans search for something new about it every day. Since the anime is slated for release in 2022, you will hear a lot as the time draws near. This time, the creators of the anime have released more information about it, including the visual teaser, main staff, and voice actors. These kinds of details are enough to make fans more restless and impatient than ever. So, I’m not going to make you wait long and will get to the heart of the matter by discovering everything about the new version of 2022.

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About Bocchi The Rock!

The four-panel Japanese manga series Bocchi the Rock! was written and demonstrated by Aki Hamaji. The manga was published by Houbunsha Publications, which will also release “Yozora no Fitaru Camp Gohan” this year. Other than that, “Ginshio Shoushou”, “Hell’s Boat” and “Bad Girl” are some of her releases from last year. The manga Bocchi the Rock! was serialized in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Max Magazine. It was released on December 19, 2017 and so far it has been collected in three tankobon volumes. The anime adaptation of the manga is confirmed to be produced by Cloverworks Studio. “Darling in the Franx”, “Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia”, “The Promised Neverland”, “Tokyo 24th Ward”, etc. are some of his most notable works.

Being a musical anime series, its plot centers around a talented guitarist named Hitori Goto. Hitori is a high school student and is also called “Bocchi-san”. She dreams of becoming a guitarist in the band, and that’s why she started learning guitar. However, the thing that comes between her dream is her nature of being a complete introvert. She’s a very shy girl and she can’t even make a single friend. So, she ended up being a loner, but that didn’t affect her talent for playing the guitar. As the plot progresses, she meets a girl named Nijika Ijichi, who is a drummer and is looking for a guitarist for her band. She invites Hitori to join the band which could lead to her fulfilling her aspiration of becoming a guitarist.

Bochi the Rock!
Bochi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock! Reveal more information

The animated series Bocchi the Rock! is expected to debut in 2022. However, a particular date and time for the release has yet to be announced. However, the creators of the series are not keeping a low profile and releasing new information about the upcoming anime. This means that we will surely have the series sometime in the year. Recently, the main staff responsible for producing the anime has been announced. This includes the direction which will be taken over by Keiichiro Saito. As for the storyline and character design of the anime, it is compiled by Erika Yoshida and Kerorira respectively.

Bocchi the Rock
Ryo Yamada visuals

This time the visual teaser for the anime gives the visuals of Ryo Yamada. It looks really good, and the image stays sharp as ever. The voice cast of the main characters has also been released, which includes Yoshino Aoyama as Hitori Goto. The actress is known for her work in ‘Promised Neverland’, ’86’, ‘Deca-Dance’ and ‘Murenase! Seton Gakuen’. Additionally, we have Sayumi Suzushiro as Nijika Ijichi and Saku Mizuno as Ryo Yamada. There’s even more information to come from Bocchi the Rock! and we will update everything hot and fresh. So be sure to stay tuned and catch up on all the details about it.

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