Bizarre Quirks That Don’t Make Sense In My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia continues to be one of the most beloved anime. We are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 6. Meanwhile, the manga is coming to an end and the great battle between heroes and villains is unfolding. Besides the fight between good and evil, one of the main selling points of this shonen anime is the unique world where the story takes place. A large portion of My Hero Academia’s population possess unique abilities, called quirks. Some of these quirks are useful in support, while others are better suited for combat. Then there are some that can be used for both, while others are totally weird.

While each quirk brings more excitement to the story, some still leave us puzzled. They tend to go against certain pre-established conditions. Others are just quirks or appearances that need more explanation. It is present in some main characters but is mainly present for secondary characters. Readers won’t spend too much time wondering.

We’ll cover some of the quirks and characters that should have been given better explanations as some just don’t make sense. Let’s dive in and take a close look.

Bizarre quirks that don’t make sense in My Hero Academia:

1.Toru Hagakure

A special character that caught everyone’s attention (by not appearing in front of them) is Class 1-A Toru Hagakure. His quirk is invisibility, which we’ve seen many times in various movies and shows. But Hagakure can only be paired with the classic horror character The Invisible Man because she’s invisible 24/7. She can only be detected if she is wearing clothes. His superhero costume is just a pair of gloves, which means the winter can get extremely harsh.

But what brings it to this list is because even with this quirk, the eyes have to be visible. The eyes work by reflecting light, and since her eyes do not appear, she is blind in scientific terms. But she’s perfectly capable of anything, which means her quirk was done without much thought.

Weird quirks that don't make sense in My Hero Academia
Toru Hagakure

2. Manga Fukidashi

Manga is a Class 1-B student and was first introduced in the Sports Festival arc. He got a bigger role in the Season 5 episode where Classes 1-A and 1-B are opposed. Manga’s quirk allows him to materialize the words he speaks and use them as weapons. He has mastered his quirk very well, as the episode shows. However, his head and neck are a real speech bubble. The rest of the body looks normal, but how does it eat, see, hear or smell? Maybe the bubble works like a normal head. Otherwise, he would have died at birth.

Weird quirks that don't make sense in My Hero Academia
Manga Fukidashi

3. Nezu

Nezu is the headmaster of UA Highschool and the only non-human character in the series. His quirk is hyper-intelligence, which makes him smarter than the majority and thinks up tactics to outsmart enemies. But Nezu is a real animal that can function like a human. No other animal in the series has been explained as having such abilities. Even though we see characters with animal appearances due to their quirks, they have human traits. Nezu’s story isn’t fully explored, and the scar on his face might point to some secrets. Maybe he was an ordinary animal that was imbued with a quirk in a lab.

Principal Nezu

4. Kojiro Bando

Kojiro is a 1-B student, and his situation is similar to Manga’s. Her quirk allows her to shoot huge amounts of glue from her face and decide when it dries. Again, the face acts as the main source of energy. Except his eyes are like holes (of which he has 7) and the top half of his face moves like a loose bottle cap. A dark shadow can be seen inside but is not similar to a face inside a mask. The mouth part allows it to eat, but there is no nose, ears or eyes.

Weird quirks that don't make sense in My Hero Academia
Kojiro Bando

5. Sen Kaibara

Sen is Class 1-B, and his quirk is pretty cool. It is called “Gyrate” and allows him to rotate any part of his body. His quirk makes sense in a way, but he can still be categorized as “weird”, especially because his internal organs or even his skeleton wouldn’t resemble those of a human being. If a normal body is twisted in a drill, the organs can tear. Kaibara somehow does this in such a way that only his skin turns, but there may have been times when the body or neck also turned.

Weird quirks that don't make sense in My Hero Academia
Sen Kaibara

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6. Juzo Honenuki

Juzo, aka Mudman, is a class 1-B student. His quirk is called “Softening” and allows him to soften any non-living thing he touches. Quirk is typically used on the ground to create quicksand-like surfaces and hinder enemies. Juzo’s quirk allows him to be a hero who can excel in attack and support missions. Touching the surface it softened a second time will negate its effects. He has been shown in previous seasons, but his quirk has not been revealed until now. What makes him a mysterious figure is his appearance. His teeth sit outside his skin without noticeable lips and give him a skull-like appearance. The mangaka never explained why he was given an appearance that has nothing to do with weirdness. But Juzo is still a very cool character, good at both combat and team tactics.

Juzo Honenuki in action
Juzo Honenuki

7. Wash

Wash is a professional hero with very little screen time. His real name is Susugu Mitarai and he is the No. 8 Pro Hero. We are unsure of his body shape as the only human trait is a pair of eyes that stare into the dark. The shape of the head is indistinguishable and the body is that of a washing machine. The hands are long and tube-like, and the legs are short, as deciphered in the manga. He has a robotic voice and only says “wash” repeatedly like a Pokemon.

The particularity of Wash is to create and control the soapy water from his head. He can also create controllable bubbles. The bubbles can be huge, which he used to transport injured civilians and disinfect wounds. Creating bubbles out of thin air is different from producing soapy water, does that mean Wash has several quirks? May be.


8. Shoto Todoroki

1-A’s Shoto Todoroki deserves to be on the list of oddities that make no sense. Shoto was blessed with quirks from both of his parents and can use them however he wishes. Both fire and ice are incredibly powerful and destructive, but later go against the oddities rule in the series. Quirks can never be overused, and we’ve seen pro heroes like All Might and Mr. Aizawa suffer from its side effects. However, Shoto never showed fatigue from overusing his abilities. It cools down after overheating and vice versa. It unleashes ranged fire attacks and towering icy barriers without breaking a sweat.

Is it because the author forgot this rule when he was designing it, or is it because of the harsh Endeavor training he received as a child?

Weird quirks that don't make sense in My Hero Academia
Shoto Todoroki

9. Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo’s ability is creation, and if she has an idea of ​​the components of a non-living thing, she can create it from her body. The way Momo creates is by using her lipids or fat cells. When it lacks these fat cells, it can no longer produce anything. This is where the question arises. We’ve seen Momo reach her limits many times, but her physical appearance hasn’t changed once. Why was that? A body without fat cells will look amazingly lean, and Momo has maintained her looks every time. Was it lack of thought or fan service?

Bizarre Quirks That Don't Make Sense in My Hero Academia - Momo Yaoyorozu
Momo Yaoyorozu

10. Muscular

Muscular was a villain who appeared in the Boot Camp arc in Season 3. He tested Deku’s limits to the max and did a lot of damage to his arm. His special feature is muscle augmentation, which means he can improve his muscles so much that even his skin can’t handle it. But that’s just it. If he had a support quirk that deals with healing his skin, he should be fine. But that wasn’t mentioned, and the way he uses his quirk should have left him dead long ago.

Improving the muscles to look even bigger than the Incredible Hulk and never suffer blood loss or exposure is an impossible feat. But maybe that’s the magic of My Hero Academia – showing the impossible in a grand way.

Muscular in season 3

If we do a deeper study, we can find many more of these characters who have inexplicable quirks. But none of these factors lead to confrontation. My Hero Academia continues to be one of the best series of all time, and we can’t wait to see the next season.

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