Biffy Clyro Confirms Brand New Amazon documentary, Cultural Sons Of Scotland


Amazon Prime has a big surprise for music lovers as the streaming service is set to release a brand new documentary titled Cultural Sons of Scotland. The documentary will be released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, February 25, 2022. The newest documentary comes with a brief synopsis explaining how it will explore the experience of recording an album in Scotland for the first time. The group delved into the significance of where they came from and how that played a key role in their careers. date and strengthened their unbreakable bond as friends and bandmates.

The band further confirmed the big news while giving fans some more details on what to expect from the upcoming documentary. The upcoming film is described as an intimate film tracing the basics of the recording process the band went through to create their ninth studio album, The Myth Of Happily Ever After.

The members of the group talk about their wonderful trip!

The documentary will have an air of nostalgia as it traces the journey with fellow band members Simon, Ben and James as they return home to Ayrshire as they work on their critically acclaimed latest album in the most unusual environment for studio recording. Take a look at the exclusive first trailer for the upcoming Amazon Prime documentary.

Frontman Simon Neil opens up about the long journey by saying the same part of the world where he wrote his very first song is where they’re making this record, and there’s something so pure about it. topic.

Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro

Adding to that feeling, drummer Ben Johnston says they don’t need all the bells and whistles to feel fulfilled and happy. All they need is for the three of them to make music and have that kind of vibe in a room that will get their hearts racing. Bassist James Johnston believed that everyone should join a band. He further explains that if one is lucky enough to go and join a band with his siblings, or people who are dear to him, it will probably be the best years of his life.

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