Bhumi Pednekar hopes that all her releases succeed in touching the hearts of the public

Bhumi Pednekar Shares Excitement About Her Upcoming Movies
It’s a full slate for Bhumi Pednekar with six releases in 2022 (Pic Credit: Instagram/bhumipednekar)

Actress Bhumi Pednekar, who is preparing for the release of her upcoming film ‘Badaai Do’, will have five more releases on the agenda this year.

She has ‘Ladykiller’, ‘Bheed’, ‘Govinda Naam Mera’, ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and a soon to be announced project.

Sharing her excitement, Bhumi Pednekar said: “Now that we are hopefully coming out of the pandemic, I can’t wait to entertain audiences with six different films from as many remarkably different filmmakers who have very unique voices of their own.”

Sharing her constant pursuit of evolution in craft, Bhumi Pednekar says: “I’ve worked very hard on my craft since my debut, striving to deliver performances that hopefully touch the hearts of the audience. I’m excited and nervous at the same time because I will have back-to-back releases.”

Bhumi hopes all her releases will touch the hearts of the public with the disruptive content they have to offer. “As an actor, I’ve been dying to get the feedback and reviews of my performances and I can’t wait to connect with the media and the public through my films,” she says.

She further adds: “I hope they will enjoy what these films and I have to offer on screen. For me, all these projects are close to my heart and when they come out it will be like sharing a piece of my heart with the audience.”

Bhumi Pednekar reveals how these movies have brought out the best in her, saying, “I’ve always given my all in every movie I’ve made and these six movies took every bit of emotion out of me. So I only wish the best for these movies and the producers and directors who have pushed me to bring their vision to life on screen.”

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