Best Moments from the New Behind The Scenes of TXT and ENHYPEN Collab


TXT & ENHYPEN are back with a behind-the-scenes documentary video and the build-up to their famous 2021 year-end musical performance on KBS and WeVerse Con stages. TXT is a boy group that debuted in 2019, while ENHYPEN debuted in 2020. Both are managed by HYBE, and they jokingly call themselves HYPE BOYS. The documentary gave a great insight into their chemistry and also gave viewers a glimpse into what was going through their minds before they hit the big stage.

In the documentary, TXT’s Beomgyu expresses their joy at the wonderful synergy they create to perform trending songs like BANG BANG BANG and FIRE. ENHYPEN Luke says he’s glad they get along, despite the fact that the members of TXT and ENHYPEN haven’t interacted too much in the past. Cut to footage of them chatting after rehearsals and having fun during HOT’s Candy practice. We’ve compiled some of the funniest and most interesting moments from the documentary below.

ENHYPEN Sunoo Hears Many Classic K-pop Songs For The First Time

The members are seen practicing the steps of the HOT song “Candy” while jumping on the floor. TXT member Taehyun explained that there was no way he didn’t like covering these chants since he loved listening to them all, and since the members are good at synergizing the steps, he wasn’t. not worried about that either. Cut to ENHYPEN Sunoo saying there were a lot of songs he was hearing for the first time! For older K-pop fans, hearing that might be just as hilarious and shocking, but that’s forgiven since Sunoo was born in 2003, and songs like Candy were released long before the birth.

txt enhypen

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ENHYPEN Members Thank TXT Members For Adapting To Them

The two groups of boys learned slightly different versions of the same “Fire” choreography when they practiced separately, so it was difficult to synchronize the minor difference in the details of the dances for the two teams. However, Sunghoon says in the interview how grateful he is that the TXT sunabaes tried to adjust more so that the performance could go smoothly.

txt enhypen
TXT & ENHYPEN on repeat.

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TXT and ENHYPEN Members Bond After Rehearsals

The TXT members were also very relieved when they danced with the ENHYPEN members, because before the stage felt so empty that they wondered if they could fill it for a song like BTS’ Fire. Jake says they can do the legendary songs justice, so he asks viewers to look forward to their performance. Overall, everyone appreciates that they can learn something from the other team, and since their energies complement each other, they can even practice when they’re tired because the atmosphere is so fun.

KBS stage rehearsals

Since the KBS scene is so large, all of the members have expressed difficulty in getting their outfit changes done efficiently. From soundcheck to stage rehearsals, the boys put on their most energetic faces. As TXT Yeonjun said, “I promised MOAs that we would crush the final performances, and I think we are on the right track to do so.” While monitoring ENHYPEN’s onstage rehearsals, TXT Soobin observes that even with identical choreography, the groups have established their own identity and distinct vibes. Cue some cool clips of the members performing TVXQ Mirotic, BTS Fire.

txt enhypen
TXT & ENHYPEN Performing BTS Fire

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TXT and ENHYPEN are visibly nervous for WeVerse Con 2022

KBS’ year-end stage was pre-filmed, so it was after a long time due to pandemic concerns that they were able to perform in front of a live audience at WeVerse Con 2022. Jungwoon d ‘ENHYPEN remembers that they were only 1000 people at their first live performance and it will be his first performance in front of such a large audience. Even seasoned members of TXT are not free from nervousness: Yeonjun is afraid of exaggerating expressions on stage (when performing a rap part for ENHYPEN). But everything turned out fine, as we see Taehyun fascinated by Yeonjun’s stage persona.

txt enhypen
TXT’s Taehyun and Yeonjun

TXT & ENHYPEN on their growth and the success of their music

For TXT Soobin who found solace in music when he worried about his future before his debut, he says he feels most grateful when fans listen to their music when they feel down or need comfort or hope. ENHYPEN’s Sunoo is happy that he is not as nervous on stage as before and can express himself better when performing.

txt enhypen
ENHYPEN on stage

Both groups express their wish to leave a mark in the industry, so that trainees who start after them can be inspired by them and use their performances as a reference. They are also aware that the reason fans love them so much is because they put their all into their performances, so they must continue to work hard to retain their love and support – “proving endlessly”, as ENHYPEN puts it. Jay!

txt enhypen
TXT on stage

Watch the full documentary on YouTube.

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