Best E’Dawn and Hyuna Moments of All Time!


It’s official now! One of fan-favorite K-pop couples, Pentagon’s E’Dawn and Hyuna, are now engaged and could announce a wedding at any time! After being together for almost six years, dealing with their relationship with the utmost sincerity, on February 3, 2022, the couple announced their engagement on Instagram. Dawn posted an adorable video of them showing off their beautiful engagement rings with the caption “Marry me”, to which she replied that her answer would always be yes! On Valentine’s Day, let’s reminisce about some of E’Dawn and Hyuna’s best moments that we’ve witnessed since the beginning of their love life!

After secretly dating for two years, in August 2018, the couple themselves confirmed that the dating rumors were true, and so they would like to be open about it. They left their agency, Cube Entertainment, and joined P Nation together.

K-pop couple E’Dawn and Hyuna’s best on-screen moments

1. One of E’Dawn and Hyuna’s sweetest moments was when they both had an ASMR session with Hui, and they had a brief interaction. She was asked to choose between Hui and Dawn, and with no other meaning associated with it, she chose her boyfriend! While playing games throughout the session, the couple ended up choosing almost similar things.

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2. When Dawn and Hui appeared on Lipstick Prince as guests, the task was to apply natural blush on Hyuna. But guess what, they didn’t have to try at all! Shortly after seeing Dawn walk into the room, her cheeks turned red! The way Dawn was giving compliments made her blush even more, and she didn’t even have to wear makeup anymore. Girls, don’t you need a guy who looks at you like he looks at her?

E'Dawn and Hyuna
E’Dawn and Hyuna

3. E’Dawn and HyunA have appeared on many variety shows together, but it never came to light that they weren’t an old married couple so comfortable with each other that they don’t even realize it. On one of the reality shows, “Triple H Fun Agency”, featuring Hui, Hyuna, and Dawn, Hyuna asked Dawn to do aegyo for her fans. He adorably poses a heart as she asks. You may have noticed some occasions where E’Dawn gently pats her hair, and she isn’t even surprised, suggesting how close and comfortable they felt together. You say, how many people do we allow to touch our hair!

4. In one of Section TV’s interviews, Hyuna exclusively made sandwiches for Hui and Dawn and was careful to add only their favorite foods. While making them, in addition to adding strawberry jam to Dawn’s sandwich, she said she also added her love. While Hui gave her a full ten out of ten for her sandwich, Dawn rated it a nine. Guess Hyuna’s reaction to Dawn’s note on her sandwich! She was more expressive and happy to get a nine from her than getting a full score from her teammate Hui.

5. In one of the episodes of “Pentagon Maker”, E’Dawn was in cooking class but took time to catch up with Hyuna during a call. It was one of Hyuna and E’Dawn’s sweetest moments!

6. In one of the show’s behind-the-scenes music videos, “Retro Future”, when Hyuna talked about an Australian model and expressed her affection for him, we could notice how Dawn looked jealous!

7. Last year, Hyuna shared some photos with her bae, Dawn, both dressed in white. While Hyuna looked like an angel in a white dress, Dawn wore a white suit with a black shirt and was all in love! The photos took the internet by storm as netizens guessed the couple were having a pre-wedding photo shoot, and we can expect a nuptials soon! However, it was just them celebrating Hyuna’s 30th birthday.

E'Dawn and Hyuna's Wedding Moment
E’Dawn and Hyuna’s Wedding Moment

8. During a Dawn, Wooseok, and Yanan livestream, Dawn mentioned Hyuna and said how nice she was to the three of them. He shouted at her and asked her fans to listen to her songs as well. We Stan a supportive couple!

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