Best 10 Operators In Rainbow Six Siege In 2022


Rainbow Six Siege is one of the other Rainbow Six games. It was released on December 1, 2015 worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. After the PlayStation 5 launched, people were clamoring for the game for it. Therefore, the makers made the game available for PS5 gamers exactly after five years, i.e. December 1, 2020. Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter where you choose one of the operators in the game. can be played in both single player and multiplayer mode. Moreover, its developers are Ubisoft Montreal, and it was published by Ubisoft.

The director and producer of Rainbow Six Siege are respectively Xavier Marquis and Sébastien Labbé. Talking more about the gameplay and designs of the game, Rainbow Six Siege is a game full of destruction, combat, action and training. A player’s responsibilities include rescuing hostages, dealing with difficult combat situations, taking over an objective in a room, and defusing bombs to save people. Also, this game has more than 60 operators in Rainbow Six Siege, but who is the best? Well, in this blog, you will see the top ten operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege’s 10 Best Operators

Among 62 operators in R6 seat, it becomes difficult to choose the best operators. As we know all these operators are good with their skills and abilities but if a player wants his gameplay to be the best then he must know the characters. We have listed the top ten operators in Rainbow Six Siege which could be very useful for players in 2022. The list contains attackers as well as defenders, but these are not ranked here as all ten operators are the best.


Maverick is an attacker who has one of the strongest weapons. The Burst Torch or S Suri Exothermic Torch is such a weapon that it can punch holes in any surface. Besides, it can also destroy people and any object. Maverick is the operator who can best use it because it cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Rainbow Six Seige's 10 Best Operators
Rainbow Six Siege Maverick

If the player cuts something and is fast enough, the object will not be cut correctly. But if it is slow, it will be wasteful. Additionally, Maverick can create a hole for him and his other teammate to pass through. As we know, Maverick and his team go on silent missions, so this type of weapon is very useful.

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Seamus Cowden or Sledge is a member of SAS. He is one of the top 10 operators in Rainbow Six Siege who is an attacker. His primary weapon is the Caber. Now Caber is a tactical breaching hammer that is very useful for breaking through any surface, be it barricades or any type of hard surface.

Rainbow Six Seige's 10 Best Operators
Rainbow Six Siege Sled

Moreover, it can do its job quietly, so it becomes difficult for enemies to find the loss. Breaching Hammar is also great for dealing heavy damage. Moreover, it is so powerful that it can destroy any gadgets or bulletproof shields.


Håvard “Ace” Haugland, aka Ace, is an Offensive Operator in Rainbow Six Siege. The primary weapon he carries is the SELMA Breaching Device. It’s quite destructive. When Ace throws it on any surface, it expands and explosive arms appear. These arms destroy the area and create a large opening.

Rainbow Six Seige's 10 Best Operators
Ace of Rainbow Six Siege

Also, if you want to enter a room but not with the door, you can just throw this weapon at the wall from outside, and it will create a door-like opening. Plus, Mira’s Black Mirror is certainly nothing in front of SELMA. It can also destroy any defender and it can also be used from a distance. Thus, Ace does not have to risk his HP.

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Zofia is another Attacker and one of the top 10 Operators in Rainbow Six Siege. She uses KS79 LIFELINE. It is a launcher type weapon powerful enough to load multiple grenades. He ejects these impact grenades and concussion grenades. These are used depending on the needs of the player. The player can use it at any time and infinitely as it does not require reloading the grenades.

Rainbow Six Seige's 10 Best Operators
Rainbow Six Siege Zofia

Also, speaking of both grenades, impact grenades are normal and nothing special. But, concussion grenades are very destructive. It causes visual and mobility disturbances and it occurs in a 3 meter area. So, Zofia’s ability is pretty good to use as a weapon to destroy enemies or an area.

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Next on the list is an operator who is an attacker, Iana. She is a medium armored Operator who has the ability named Gemini Replicator. This gadget is useful in scouts and keeps tabs on anything a human body can’t go. Gemini Replicator creates Iana virtually, and Iana can control her from the ground while the replicator is in the air.

Rainbow Six Seige's 10 Best Operators
Rainbow Six Siege Iana

It can also fool enemies, and those people could expose themselves. Additionally, Iana’s holographic decoy it produces sounds the same as Iana. Also, if a player wants them to climb or rappel down walls, it’s quite difficult for the gadget. But, the gadget can surely fall from a height without being injured or damaged.


Another operator with drones, but it’s quite different from the one with Iana. This time, it’s the Shock drones that are controlled by Twitch. He can deploy two of these drones. These drones can attack and stun enemies standing at a distance. Also, he is able to shock enemies to the extent that it might cause them to drop weapons.

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch

In addition, these drones produce very low sound or certainly lower noise than normal drones. These drones not only shock enemies, but they can also destroy them. Shock Drones eject lasers, and those lasers are quite harmful to them. Additionally, Shock Drones are capable of dealing some damage.

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Smoke is a defender, and he’s the best among the other defenders. It is a trained medium armored operator with three Z8 ranged gas grenades. These grenades are so poisonous that they can immediately kill anyone who comes in contact with them.

Smoke Rainbow Six Siege

Smoke throws these grenades wherever he senses something is wrong. These grenades stick to the surface where it is thrown and then these grenades release poisonous gas. The gas is so poisonous that it can lower the HP of enemies within a 5 meter radius and possibly kill them on the spot.


Jäger is a Medium Armored Operator who is a Defender in Rainbow Six Siege. It can be considered one of the best but not the best. It’s because of his gimmick which is quite good but not ahead of others on top. It uses ADS MKIV “Magpie”.

Jagger R6
Rainbow Six Siege Jager

This gadget can intercept any type of projectile, but only once. After that, it cools down for 10 seconds before becoming active again. Also, it can be easily destroyed or detected by Twitch’s Shock Grenades and IQ’s Electronic Detectors, respectively.

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Maestro is another Defender, but this one is a heavily armored Operator with two compact laser slots. These are so powerful and dominating that these gadgets can see even through smoke.

R6 Siege Maestro
Rainbow Six Siege Master

They can also deal a good amount of damage, and it’s not just Maestro’s gadgets, but also his Evil Eyes. Additionally, it can eject several laser blasts before closing.


Last but not least, we have Lesion, a medium armored defense operator who has Gu Mines. This gadget releases poison, and once triggered it won’t let go of the enemy until they lose more than half of their HP.

R6 Seat lesion
Rainbow Six Siege Injury

These GU mines can also be deployed on any surface or ground, and they are effective within a 1 meter diameter. The operator, Lesion, can throw it at enemies or deploy it on surfaces.

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