Bengals QB Joe Burrow loses Super Bowl LVI


Will Joe Burrow get another shot at an SB?

Will Joe Burrow get another shot at an SB?

Not many outside of Southern Ohio have seen Joe Burrow’s No. 3 year as a starting quarterback. He never started a game in his three seasons at Ohio State and had two fantastic years at LSU. His second year taking over the mantle of the Cincinnati Bengals ended with: a loss of 23-20 in Super Bowl LVI to the Rams. Now seven months separates perhaps the most promising young quarterback in the NFL from his next start.

Time won’t be an issue for Burrow. After playing his last high school football game on December 4, 2014, he waited until September 2018 for his next start. That’s 45 months. With a long-term view, things always looked grim that his college opportunity would come, and it did. And he took it without a doubt. After a 21-game season, free time to think and recharge isn’t a bad thing for Burrow.

The core of this Cincinnati roster stays together. They will be the favorites to win the AFC North even if Baltimore moves off-season to Lamar Jackson. According to Oddschecker the Bengals are in a tie for fourth with +1400 chances to win next year’s championship. They are on par with the 49ers, who are in the process of dumping their starting quarterback, and the Cowboys, who have won three playoff games since 1997 and have not progressed beyond the Divisional Round since they won Super Bowl XXX, which took place in the same year Burrow was born.

The accounts are the favorites at +800. Who knows how different the picture in Los Angeles will look after Sunday’s game if Buffalo won’t give up three touchdowns to Kansas City within the two-minute warning and extra time in the AFC Divisional Round? The Chiefs are the second favorites with +950, ​​the team that helped Burrow win in the AFC title game. The now-defending champion Rams is third at +1000, with awaiting free agents Odell Beckham Jr., Von Miller, Darious Williams and Sony Michel. Not to mention the hints of retirement from defensive juggernaut Aaron Donald and head coach Sean McVay.

A Rams team without Donald loses this game and Burrow is champion in year 2. There were so many little things that made this game a little bit off its axis, and Burrow could have become the third quarterback named Joe to win an NCAA championship. and a Super Bowl title, after Joe Namath did so in the Southeastern Conference with Alabama leading the way. Joe Montana later joined that rare group after a stay at Notre Dame. On the other hand, a quarterback not called Joe never did it.

Neither quarterback really had a standout performance at SoFi Stadium. Both were actually meh. It’s also not fair to pin the loss of the Bengals to Burrow alone. Burrow’s 22 completions on 33 attempts for 263 yards and a touchdown is a good stat line. What stands out about Burrow’s performance is how many times he hit the turf (11), with seven ending up in sacks. It’s surprising that Burrow did well with such crappy protection.

Burrow plays in the conference with the better quarterbacks, there is no arguing about that. Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Jackson are all standing in the way of a repeat trip to the Super Bowl (which will take place in Arizona). There’s no NFC quarterback, except Aaron Rodgers, who is holding a candle to the top tier of the AFC, and who knows where Green Bay will be in 12 months. The window is far from closed on Burrow’s career and it’s likely he’ll get another chance to play on the biggest sporting stage someday. But it won’t be easy (see above).

Cincinnati was 2-14 two years ago before making Burrow No. 1 overall drafted. His ability to raise the profile of the Bengalis since September 2020 is unmatched. And just ask Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, who lost in his only Super Bowl appearance in his sophomore season with the Dolphins. There is no guarantee that Burrow will get this chance again. It sounds unlikely, but not impossible. So where is the former Heisman Trophy winner headed? Much of it is out of his control. Cincinnati has a team good enough to win the Super Bowl this year. It would be a start to bring more reinforcements along the attack and secondary lines, where the Bengals lost to the Rams.

Burrow’s second professional season proved he will be around for a long time. He threw for 4,611 yards and 34 touchdowns in the regular season, finishing sixth and eighth respectively in those categories. Any player who beat him in either one entered the league in the same year as him (Herbert) or has more experience. The edge Burrow has over guys like Jackson, Allen and Herbert is that he’s now felt what it’s like to play in a Super Bowl. Some guys don’t know how much they want it until it’s almost within reach and denied. We’ll see how long it takes Burrow to have another shot at a Lombardi Trophy.

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