Bengals’ Eli Apple should be the last player to shut his mouth



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If the NFL had a prize for Cockiest Player of the Yfor Wwithout Any Good Reason, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple would have taken it home at this year’s NFL Honors awards ceremony. Apple has had quite a bit to say during the Bengals’ surprise run to the Super Bowl for a player who has had zero accolades in his career and is considered a first-round failure, and was eclipsed by his mother Annie in the final. early years of his career

Not only is Apple unabashedly overconfident, but it makes matters worse by keeping its mouth shut. Like many of folks today, Apple goes to Twitter and starts spouting about anything that comes to mind. A few weeks ago, Apple destroyed two fans of its former teams in the Giants and Saints on back-to-back days.

but bad Apple wasn’t done there yet. He decided to doubleon the Saints and, unlike most, has not deleted either Tweet from his page. Credit to him for sticking to his bullshit, but he was going pretty hard in New Orleans and they took a chance on Eli after New York couldn’t use him anymore.

Before his playoff run during this postseason with Cincinnati, Apple had played in three playoff games and had zero interceptions, 11 tackles, 2 pass defenses and 1 QB hit. Most people had forgotten that he was even in the league at one point. And his feelings towards Saints and Giants fans are shared among themselves.

Of all the players on the Bengals roster, Apple should be the last player to open its mouth in such a negative way so often. We’re talking about a player who hasn’t yet been named to a Pro Bowl, All-Pro, or any other individual NFL award you can think of. He has been an undersized player for most of his career. Now Apple is at the rear of Bengal’s offense and top performers for defense, and it has brought him into the Super Bowl.

We know the names of the Bengals attack and they have done a great job this year. Most notably, Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chasebut if anyone in defense has earned the right to shut up, the defensive end would be Trey Hendrickson. Hendrikson created his first Pro Bowl this season and the only defender of Bengal is so honoured† Nobody wants to hear from Eli anymore. Apple can be roasted five times in a quarter, but if his team manages to win, it will be more excruciating than ever.

Can’t wait to see how Apple handles guarding Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr. at different points of this game. I’d be shocked if there weren’t a few Eli Apple memes straight out of this Super Bowl. He will be roasted in this no less than a time or two. It’s just a matter of how bad it is and whether the rest of this Bengals defense can pick up on Apple’s slack after being dusted off by the Rams’ attack.

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