Attack On Titan Final Episode Postponed


Attack on Titan Finale Episode postponed giving a major jump in fan excitement. The series has managed to attract a significant number of fans who are everywhere in all situations. Attack on Titan has become one of those top-rated anime series that will be remembered as a masterpiece in anime history. Recently, the series made a comeback with Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 coming to an end. However, much to the amazement of many viewers, the creators decided to postpone the release of the season finale episodes. This news has created a dark atmosphere among the fan base and every fan is there sulking.

Japanese manga series Attack on Titan: Shingeki no Kyojin was written by Hajime Isayama and proved to be the legendary manga series It is artist and author Isayama Hajime’s very first manga series and it became the bestseller with 100 million copies in circulation. The series belongs to action, dark fantasy themes. It was published by Kodansha Publications and serialized in Shonen Magazine Comics. It dropped on September 9, 2009 and ended on April 9, 2021. Every moment of the manga became memorable and its plot would be one of the unique ideas in the whole anime story.

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The plot of the Attack on Titan anime and manga series takes us to a fictional world where mankind is forced to live within the safety of three massive walls. They live this kind of life in order to stay protected from the huge man-eating humanoids they call “Titans”. None of the citizens residing within the walls are aware of the origin of these giants who are content to devour humans without counting. Series protagonist Eren Yeager was a child when he witnessed massive titans attacking their place called Shiganshina, located outside the Three Walls. Due to this attack, Eren witnessed the death of his mother and the mysterious disappearance of his father, whom he later assumed to be dead. After this incident, Eren and his two friends Mikasa and Armin moved into the safety of the second wall.

Eren, who was largely affected and terrified by this incident, swore to eradicate every titan from this world. To achieve this, he must join the Survey Corps, a military unit set up for expeditions outside the wall to eradicate the titans. Eren’s journey from being a clueless boy driven by pure motives to becoming the antagonist and enemy of humanity has been depicted in this series. The series is one of the deepest and every event in the series has a long theory about it. Its chilling, emotional and mind-blowing action concept is what has captivated viewers around the world.

The attack of the Titans
The attack of the Titans

Attack On Titan Final Episode Postponed

The Attack on Titan anime series has been ongoing since 2013 and finally after 9 years the series is coming to an end. However, the manga was already finished in early 2021 revealing every plot twist and now its anime adaptation is also nearing completion. But just in time, the creators decided to make fans wait a few more days. According to the progression of the series, the season finale of Attack on Titan is set to be episode 87. The final episode was scheduled to release on March 27, 2022 but is delayed to April 3, 2022. The reason for the delay has been described as a “special programming”. . Now that fans have plenty of time to speculate on why the delay happened, here’s some speculation about it.

Attack on Titan episode postponed
Eren facing the colossal Titan

AnimeJapan 2022 anime convention is scheduled to be held in March 2022. So, as reviewed, the convention date is March 27 and Attack on Titan is participating in the event. Fans have speculated that this might be a reason for it being delayed, as the creators might decide to make a big announcement before wrapping up the series. Our fandom is a bunch of big thinkers who once speculated that MAPPA could turn the show’s final moments into a movie.. Everything will be clarified as the time approaches, but from now on you can stream this delayed Episode 87 of Attack on Titan on April 3, 2022.

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