Attack on Titan Episode 82 Spoilers: Annie is Back


Shiganshina District must deal with the aftermath of the Wall Titan conflict in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 82. Attack on Titan AOT Episode 82 is scheduled to air in Japan tomorrow, and fans are eager to see how Eren’s euthanasia scheme plays out. Additionally, a promotional teaser for episode 82 was released. Under the current circumstances, many citizens are seen supporting Eren Jaeger’s mission to free the Wall Titans.

After four years, Annie was freed from her crystal when Eren Yeager disabled all Titan hardening. Attack on Titan Episode 82 is chapter 125 of the manga where Annie is found by Hitch Dreyse, who like her is a member of the Military Police Squad. Annie attempted to kidnap Hitch. She threatened to cut her neck with the small knife she carried on her finger if she did not comply with her orders. Hitch, on the other hand, effortlessly defeated Annie and pushed her to the ground, Annie’s body still weakened. Annie again threatened Hitch by informing him that she would transform into the Female Titan.

Annie hurts herself to show her seriousness. Hitch and the other members of the Survey Corps, meanwhile, have grown more familiar with the Titans’ strength over the past four years. Hitch was well aware that Annie lacked the energy to transform into a Titan in her current state. Nonetheless, Hitch agreed to help Annie escape and return to her hometown.

Annie confessed during their conversation that she heard everything Hitch and Armin Arlert discussed during their visit to the basement. Annie was well aware of Hitch’s crushes and the events unfolding on Paradis Island. Also, Annie informed Hitch that she heard Eren’s voice stating that he would destroy the planet. Hitch asked if Annie intended to thwart Eren’s mission. Annie’s main motivation for returning to her birthplace was revealed in Attack on Titan Episode 82.

Annie told Hitch that she was going to Marley not to help them fight Eren, but to find the guy who adopted and raised her after her parents abandoned her as a child. Annie told Hitch she would do anything to find Marley, even though all she found was ruins and corpses. Theo Magath’s crew found Levi and Hange searching for their friends. They were on the back of the Cart Titan returning to Marley. Cart Titan was about to eat Hange, but she tried to urge them not to fight. However, that could change if General Magath’s team discovers Hange and Levi’s true identities.

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