Aruna Irani talks about people accepting her as Sanjay Dutt’s mother in his debut film and ‘seductress’ in his next

Aruna Irani remembers collaboration with Sanjay Dutt
Aruna Irani thinks it’s weird how quickly people accept them in very different roles (Photo Credit – Aruna Irani, Sanjay Dutt / Instagram)

Aruna Irani has been in the industry for over six decades. The veteran actress has appeared in multiples in about 500 films. As a senior in the film industry, she recently shared her experience on how people easily accept actors in different types of roles. She explained with her own example of acting with Sanjay Dutt.

For the inexperienced, Irani started her film career as a child actor through Ganga Jamuna from 1961. Even during her early years, Irani played various characters. For example, while she was seen as a heroine in some movies, her character as a mother also became hugely popular.

Speaking to Times Of India, Aruna Irani recalled playing Sanjay Dutt’s mother in his debut film, Rocky, and a temptress in Johny I Love You, which was her second film with him. She said: “I had worked with most of the movie actors and there is no specific actor I would like to name as everyone was extremely nice to work with. I even enjoyed working with Sanju. I played his mother in his debut film and seduced him in his next film (laughs) I still don’t understand how people accepted it then and now.โ€

During the same interview, Aruna Irani recalled working with Mehmood. She shared that people thought they were married, which caused a downfall in her career as her movie offers were drastically reduced.

โ€œThe problem with me and Mehmood was that people thought we were married and that’s why nobody came to me with movie offers. It’s like Mehmood made my career and he was also responsible for my downfall (laughs). But in the end everything worked out and I was back on track,” said the veteran.

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