Are Woody and Amani Pregnant?


Woody and Amani recently revealed that they will be welcoming a new member to their family soon. So, are Woody and Amani pregnant? The couple became fan favorites shortly after appearing on season 11 of Married at First Sight. They are also among the couples who stayed married after appearing on the reality show. Now, Woody and Amani recently celebrated their second anniversary and broke some good news to the public. The couple occasionally share their love for each other on social media. They also hit the spot when they met at the altar for their wedding.

Married to the stars of First Sight, Woody and Amani found love around this time when Coronivrus began. Filming for season 11 of the reality show started in February 2020. It usually takes two months to film the show. However, Season 11 lasted just over four months as COVID-19 was at its peak during that time. Lockdown has also been set to New Orleans, where filming for the show usually takes place. Nevertheless, the couple bonded, and it seems that only strengthened their relationship. Now the couple is ready for a new phase in their lives.

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Are Woody and Amani pregnant?

Yes, Woody and Amani are pregnant. The Married at First Sight stars recently announced their pregnancy on Instagram and took everyone by surprise. Moreover, this is the couple’s first pregnancy and broke the news to the public on their special day. The couple announced their first child on their second birthday on February 15, 2022, sharing some photos. Woody Randall wished his wife a happy birthday to her job. He also mentioned in his post a quote from author Elizabeth Stone about deciding to have a child.

Are Woody and Amani expecting a child?
Woody and Amani reveal their pregnancy

Meanwhile, Amani Aliyya said in her post that it has been twenty four months since she was married to the love of her life, Woodrow Randall. She also mentioned that the biggest gift from her was being twenty-four weeks pregnant with the couple’s new love. The couple also shared the details at the end of their post when Baby Randall comes into their lives. Amani and Woody will welcome their first child in June 2022.

Video post of Woody and Amani on Instagram announcing the pregnancy

Woody and Amani not only shared cute posts announcing their pregnancy, but also video posts on Instagram. The video post featured moments of the couple where they were seen hugging, walking and kissing. Amani also showed off her 24-week-old baby bump in the video. Randall wrote Pablo Neruda’s quote in the video post which talked about his love for his beautiful wife. Furthermore, he stated that he is considering taking the next steps in his life. He mentioned his love for her and the baby at the end of the message. On the other hand, Amani used the same video message to wish a second birthday to her husband, Randall.

Amani talks about her pregnancy

Amani said in an interview that she and her husband are very lucky to be able to begin the journey of parenthood as they celebrate their second anniversary together. The couple discovered Amani was pregnant when she was around eight weeks old. She had felt very ill after visiting Los Angeles for the filming of the MAFS Boston Special. Amani assumed she had food poisoning, but her husband hoped she was pregnant. After that, she took her first pregnancy test, which came back negative. Meanwhile, Woody suggested she get another one as she still wasn’t feeling well.

Woody and Amani pregnant
Woody and Amani are expecting their first child

After that, she reluctantly went for a second test one Saturday morning. Amani called her husband to come to the bathroom after taking his second test. Then, Woody asked if she was pregnant, smiling. She handed him the positive pregnancy test after nodding her head. Her husband smiled and said it was so big. Now she couldn’t be happier in her 24 week pregnancy. Many MAFS stars have congratulated the couple on their pregnancy after the pair revealed it on social media.

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