Are Mike and Ximena Together? 90 Days Fiancé Updates


90 Days Fiance, owned by TLC, is an American reality television show that follows the lives of couples who have received or applied for K1 visas. The K1 visa is a US visa category in which a foreign fiancée of any US citizen is allowed to marry her partner within 90 days of arriving in the country. We think from there, you might also have your question answered as to why the creators titled this show 90 Days Fiance. Those who already watch this show have a very good experience. While those who haven’t watched this show yet, we would like to tell you that you are missing out on something truly breathtaking and entertaining.

So, Mike Berk and Ximena Morales are among those couples who entered this show in season 5. Many viewers have become fans of this adorable couple. But now, with the cameras turned away from them, fans want to know if they’re still together or if they’ve broken up. On the show, it was very clear that Mike was the one putting the most effort into this relationship. So, are the conditions still the same or has something changed? We know all the fans are extremely curious about what’s going on between Mike and Ximena. Hence, we are here with some really crazy updates about them that you should definitely check out.

Are Mike and Ximena together?  90 Day Fiance Updates
90 Day Fiancé: Mike and Ximena

Mike and Ximena’s Journey Before 90 Day Fiance

Mike is a 34-year-old man who works as a volunteer firefighter at Thiells in New York. While Ximena is a 24-year-old Colombian woman. She is the mother of two children, and the two children have different fathers. They both met on an international dating app, and a sudden spark was felt by both of them. They were both very excited to talk to each other on this dating app, but there was a language barrier between them. Ximena was not very comfortable in English, while Mike was uncomfortable conversing in Spanish. They both have to use a translator app to talk to each other.

Even after having a language barrier and a 10-year age gap, the two still didn’t give up, and eventually, they both started a great relationship. Ximena also shared her bad experiences in the past where she talked about her abusive ex-husband, who is now in prison. They both had lots of video call conversations, and Ximena also introduced Mike to her kids. According to Mike, Ximena finally gained his trust when she introduced him to her children. Even after a lot of struggles, they couldn’t meet each other physically. Therefore, at that time, Mike took the initiative to take a break from his work and fly away. But as soon as they met physically, things didn’t go the way Mike expected.

Ximena never shows enthusiasm for meeting Mike in person. On the other hand, Mike was completely in love with her and fully indulged in her. She started fighting with Mike even over very small things like burping or not washing clothes properly. After a while it seemed like she was using Mike to pay her daily bills and nothing else. All the fans started wondering if things would work out between them or not. So what’s the latest update on their relationship? We know you’re all curious about this, so here’s everything you need to know.

Are Mike and Ximena together?  90 Day Fiance Updates
A photo from the show

Are Mike and Ximena together?

Despite all the fights and misunderstandings, Mike and Ximena are still together. Mike continues to share the couple’s photo on his Instagram handle. We have to know that Mike is always the one who puts the most effort into making this relationship work. But, compared to before, Ximena has also started making efforts, and things are getting better between them day by day. Mike has openly said that Ximena is the love of his life, and he can never even think of leaving her.

As everyone says, time is the greatest healer, so the same condition is the same for both. They are both very happy together now and are always looking for different ways to make their relationship even happier. We really hope things go in the right direction and we wish them all the best for their future. As of now, we have shared all updates on this couple, for more such updates stay tuned.

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