Apple Store Drop Mask Requirements for Customers in Different States


Apple will no longer require customers to wear masks at a number of Apple stores in the US, including Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia and other states that have recently dropped local mask mandates, according to a report from Apple. Bloomberg† However, employees in Apple stores are still required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.

Bloomberg says Apple has since updated its website to indicate which stores need masks. When searching for a store using Apple’s store locator, the site will tell you whether masks are “mandatory,” “recommended,” or “optional” for vaccinated customers in specific locations. Masks are still required in states with stricter guidelines, such as Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. In some locations, such as New York and Connecticut, face masks are only optional for fully vaccinated customers.

In addition to the mask lifting requirements, Bloomberg says Apple is also resuming in-store classes called Today at Apple. Lessons are available in select locations and include courses on making music with Garageband, editing and creating photos on an iPhone, and making videos with iMovie. As noted by Bloombergsome classes will resume this week, while others will resume in March.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has continued to change its mask policy in line with local guidelines. Customizations tend to roll out relatively quickly at Apple — in November, the company began phasing out mask requirements at retail locations, then reintroducing them in December as the number of COVID-19 cases began to climb.

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