‘Anuj’ Gaurav Khanna Opens Up on ‘Lovey Dovey’ Moments with Rupali Ganguly, Says: “There’s a Lot of Mature Romance…”

Anupamaa's Anuj Kapadia Aka Gaurav Khanna Calls Mush Moments With Rupali Ganguly Is Mature
Anupamaa’s Anuj Kapadia Aka Gaurav Khanna calls Mush moments with Rupali Ganguly mature: “Something you can sit and watch with the whole family” (Photo Credit : Instagram)

The Hindi language television drama series Anupamaa has been dominating the TRP charts since it aired during the 2020 pandemic. The show won everyone’s hearts and got them hooked on the TV sets with twists and turns. A few months ago, the makers brought a new twist by introducing Gaurav Khanna as Anuj Kapadia who began to romanticize Rupali Ganguly.

Khanna was introduced as Anupamaa’s college friend and he is in love with her. The audience loved the twist and were impressed by their chemistry. Fans of the show even gave the couple a hashtag #MA on Twitter. Now Gaurav opens their romance on the screen.

Speaking to India Forums, Gaurav Khanna revealed that the romance the public sees in Anupamaa is mature. He said: “This is an essential part of an actor’s life, the character and story moves from one place to another on TV, and similarly there have been ups and downs throughout the story since Anuj’s entry, and speaking personally , I would say there is a lot of adult romance and a very different kind of romance on screen I have done a lot of romance in TV shows but the way we deal with romance in this show is very different and something new and I feel like people like that because it’s nothing they’ve seen late and not the usual kind of romance.”

The 40-year-old TV star added: “It’s grown up and something you can watch with the whole family and I think that’s the USP of the show that the story is very believable and sometimes there are ups and downs because it’s an entertaining show and there would be things that come out of the box, but the core of the story is very believable and that’s what i think works for the show.

So what do you think of Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia’s take on the on-screen romance on Anupamaa? Let us know in the comments below.

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