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Anime has been around for a long time. It has also improved over the decades. Along with interesting plots as well as characters that leave a great impression on their viewers, the anime has also advanced in its technical aspects. However, one aspect that makes any anime better than the rest is good animation. Animation, being an integral part of anime, is something viewers notice first. Thanks to new technologies, studios have also improved in this area. So, more often than not, we can continue or abandon any anime if it doesn’t meet our expectations. So here we are going to look at some of the anime with the best visuals.

Apart from being good at animation, when an anime has aesthetically pleasing visuals, viewers are more drawn towards it. Capturing images in frames that inspire viewers to feel emotions is the greatest impact art can have. Perhaps that is why many anime watchers are drawn to the works of Studio Ghibli creators. Studio Ghibli not only has captivating stories, but also captivating visuals. This means that if a character cooks something, even if it’s animated, it will make you hungry. This is the impact most viewers are looking for in any anime. Below mentioned are art creations with the best visuals.

Takt Op. destiny

Created by Bandai Namco Arts DeNA Oji Hiroi, Takt Op. Destiny is an anime based on a game. It tells us the story of a dystopian world where music is no longer allowed because it will attract creatures known as D2. To fight these creatures, musicarts are sent which are controlled by their conductors. Takt Op. Destiny thus tells us the story of a character named Takt and his musical art and their trip with Anna Scheinder to New York.

To animate their story, MAPPA and Mad House worked together. Along with stunning visuals and animations, this anime also gives us great music. It’s a perfect example of why we should appreciate any art form before it’s banned.

Violet Evergarden

Another anime with not only stunning visuals but a strong storyline, Violet Evergarden is based on a light novel series created by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase. It tells us a beautiful story of a young girl named Violet who tries to understand the meaning of the words “I love you”. Purple. However, she becomes an automatic memory doll, who is tasked with writing letters for others.

The animations for this story were taken from Kyoto Animation Studio. The anime offers us captivating visuals and described the storyline well. It is considered as an anime which makes the viewers very emotional.

A silent voice

Another anime that makes us connect with the characters is A Silent Voice. It is based on a manga created by Yoshitoki Oima. This story is about a deaf girl named Nishimiya Shouko who was bullied as a child. When she grows up, she is confronted by Ishida Shouya, who happens to be her bully. Thus begins the story of Ishida’s redemption, as well as Shouko coming to terms with her feelings.

Kyoto Animation Studio animated the manga into a movie. This anime gives us a great story about how redemption, forgiveness as well as loneliness can play a big role in a person’s development as a human being.

demon slayer

Being very different from the previously mentioned anime, Demon Slayer is an anime considered one of the best anime of the decade. This anime is based on a manga created by Koyoharu Gotoge. It takes us to a world where there are demons and those who fight those demons. We are introduced to Kamado Tanjiro, whose sister, Nezuko, is turned into a demon by Muzan, the demon boss. In order to heal his sister, he begins his journey as a demon slayer and makes many friends and enemies along the way.

The Demon Slayer animation was taken over by Ufotable. This studio is highly rated for its animations, giving us so many stunning visuals. Even the battles of this anime are very well described.

Terror in resonance

Terror on Resonance is an original anime created by MAPPA Studio. It is an anime that takes place in a dystopian world, giving off psychological and mysterious themes. Terror in Resonance tells us the story of a world threatened by a terrorist organization whose identity is not known. However, their only clue to this organization is a video sent by the organization. The people in the video were two boys who call themselves “Sphinx” and threaten to destroy Tokyo. These two boys are called Nine and Twelve, and their existence drives the mysterious aspects of the anime.

MAPPA is a studio that has become very popular not only for having taken on many projects recently, but also for doing very well in their animations and visuals. So Terror in Resonance has a similar effect on the viewers as the other anime on the list. However, the visuals of this anime differ slightly, making them appear in sync with the storyline themes.

A lull in the sea

In this fantasy anime, we are introduced to a world where people used to live under the sea. However, some of these people came out to the surface to earn a living. Surface dwellers thus lost their ability to breathe underwater. However, they could still contact people underwater. We are then introduced to the anime’s main characters, Manaka Mukaido, and Hikari Sakishima, who go to school on the surface. Their story is about being caught between the battles of people below and above the water, as well as making new friends and living their lives as students.

This anime is an original artwork created by PA Works. With fish flying above the civilization built underwater as well as the open sky above the people living on the surface, this anime gives us breathtaking visuals.

Destiny Series

Based on a visual novel created by TYPE-MOON, the Fate series has gradually found its way to popularity through various forms of media. This series is one that revolves heavily around wars. It is a clash between the 7 Masters and their Servants that is chosen by the Holy Grail. These minions are also known as “heroic spirits” because they are based on important historical figures.

The animation for this piece of art was first taken over by Studio Deen and then taken over by Ufotable. In between, studios like Lay-duce, A-1 Pictures, and SHAFT took over the animation for the series. The animation of the battles in the anime can make the viewers feel the intensity of the situations in the anime.

The garden of words

It is an animated film under the genres slice of life and romance. The story of this movie takes place during a rainy season in Tokyo where a shoemaker named Takao Akizuki decides to visit a garden and do some sketches. He then meets a woman he considers pretty but mysterious. This woman’s name was Yukino Yukari, and they started spending most of the rainy season together in the garden. They quickly began to confide in each other and felt comfortable in their encounters. However, the seasons are bound to end, but will their relationship be?

This anime is an original work by CoMix Wave Films studio. The film won awards like the Kobe Theatrical Film Award as well as the Satoshi Kon Award for Achievement in Animation. The animation and visuals of this anime often leave viewers in awe.

Land of the Shining

The story of this anime is similar to Takt Op. Destiny. It shows us a dystopian world where crystal-like humanoids, also known as Gems, fight Lunarians, a species that destroys the bodies of the aforementioned humanoids for decorations. The main protagonist of this story is a girl called Phosphophyllite (Phos, for short). However, it is a very fragile pearl. Thus, she makes efforts to make herself useful in the war to help her friends. Along the way, she meets Cinnabar, another very intelligent but sad-looking gem.

This anime is adapted from a manga by Haruko Ichikawa. It was animated by Orange Studio. The characters in this anime have pleasing appearances as their hair design is based on real gems.


Based on a novel titled Classic Literature Club by Honoby Yonezawa, the Hyouka anime combines the mystery and slice-of-life genre with its story. The story of this anime is very entertaining as the main character, Houtarou Oreki, decides to save a literature club, not by choice but under pressure from his sister. However, he ends up joining the club as three other members also join. However, this literature club is not a club where they read books, but it is a club where they solve interesting mysteries.

Like some of the anime on this list, this anime is adapted by Kyoto Animation. This series also has a live-action adaptation. However, most people prefer the anime because the animators did a great job of not only portraying the characters well but also providing us with dreamlike visuals.

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