Andrew Garfield once revealed that he worked at Starbucks in hopes of becoming a barista who ‘seduces’ all the girls

When Andrew Garfield revealed he worked at Starbucks before becoming an actor
Andrew Garfield once revealed that he worked at Starbucks (Photo Credit – Wikimedia)

Did you know Andrew Garfield worked at Starbucks long before he became an actor and the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? It is very common for many celebrities to have other jobs before entering showbiz. The other wallcrawler Tom Holland once worked as a potwasher for a pub in London.

Just as the Spider-Man: No Way Home actor considered washing dishes to be his worst job ever, Garfield had a similar sense that the job wasn’t working for him the way he thought. Keep reading to know why!

In 2015, Andrew Garfield appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he revealed that long before he started swinging cobwebs, the actor worked at probably one of the first few Starbucks in England. “I had such an idealized image of what that would be,” the actor shared. “It arrived in London and I was like, ‘Well, that’s the John Hughes movie I’ve been waiting for to live in,'” he added.

Andrew Garfield continued to remember how he thought about the experience of working in the American coffeehouse. “With multiple girls reading literature wearing black-rimmed glasses, and I’m going to be the barista courting them all and winning them all. They realize after a period of months that the skinny man is in fact the right man! he said.

Then Jimmy Kimmel asked him, “Did that work out for you?” to which Andrew replied, “No, it didn’t. It’s Starbucks.” He said it was never a problem for him to write the names of the customers correctly, but there was another problem: “No one bought coffee because English people said, ‘What is coffee?’ It was the early 2000s,” he said.

After a busy 2021, which was dominated by three films, including Tick, Tick…Boom! and Spider-Man: No Way Home, Andrew Garfield now enjoys the fame and acclaim he receives for his roles.

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