Amazon’s incredibly popular Lost Ark MMO is ‘at capacity’ in Central Europe


The free-to-play MMO lost ark has had a massive debut in the West, reaching the second most simultaneous players in Steam history just 24 hours after its release on February 11. Unfortunately, that popularity has left players in Europe waiting in long queues to play, though developer Smilegate and the game’s western publisher, Amazon Games, are trying to sort things out.

The long queues were a problem for the Europe Central server shortly after launch, and the developers promised to quickly implement a new Europe West server to give players a different place to play. While that Europe West server is now up and running, “the Europe Central region has its capacity and unfortunately there is no way to increase the number of players per world in Europe Central,” according to a message from the developers on the website. lost ark forums. “Adding more servers is not possible given the complexity of all the systems that have to work together.”

However, players in the West will not be able to transfer to another server, so those who have invested a lot of time in Europe Central will not be able to transfer their progress to Europe West. A server transfer feature has been launched in Korea, where the game first debuted in 2019, but it has “just rolled out” in the region and “does not support cross-region functionality”, meaning it “doesn’t have any support at this time.” viable option for the western version.”

Despite the problems, lost ark has remained quite popular. As of Monday afternoon, it had more than 1 million concurrent players, according to Valve’s stats page for Steam. It’s just the latest MMO running into server capacity issues lately – Final Fantasy XIV had to stop offering its free trial after the launch of the endwalker expansion in December, although that free trial will be available again on February 22.

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