Alice Levine’s Net Worth: Earnings Of The British Radio Presenter


If you’re British, you must have heard Alice Levine’s beautiful voice somewhere. Alice Levine is a British radio and television presenter, she started her career as the host of the MTV show Celebrity Bites and then went on to appear on several other shows including the cover of EMAs. Besides, Levine also hosted a show associated with the famous reality show “Big Brother”.

Alice Esme Levine was born in 1986. She was brought up in a well educated arts and education family in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. Her father is a lecturer and her mother is a veteran artist. She continued her education at Alderman White School in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire.

While studying English at the University of Leeds, Alice realized her hidden talent when she had the opportunity to be part of the university’s television channel. Speaking of Alice’s love life, she is still single, although her name has often been associated with her close friend Edward Ibbotson. Edward is a talented guitarist and singer from London. He owns a rock band. She and Edward first met while she was looking for a roommate; in 2014, Alice and Edward also decided to remain a couple. The pair of Alice and Edward are well-loved by their fans, according to fans, the two are perfect for each other.

alice levine net worth 2022
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What is Alice Levine net worth?

According to our sources, Alice’s net worth is estimated at $3 million.. However, there has been no official confirmation of this. Alice has a lot of assets, she has earned a lot of money as a radio, television host, storyteller and comedian, and with the same money Alice has bought several properties.

However, despite so much wealth, Alice prefers to live a simple life. As for the information about Alice’s annual salary, no additional information has yet been discovered about it. Recently, Alice also had her house in London renovated. She built a large living space in her house and moved the bedroom to a quieter part of the house. Alice has lived in this house for three years.

What are Alice Levine’s recent projects?

Famous television and radio host Alice Levine is known for her talent as a host, although over the years Alice has started to participate in projects outside of her field. The kind of projects she has been involved in for the past few years are different from her previous projects as well as based on very sensitive topics.

alice levine net worth 2022
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In 2021, Alice rose to prominence with a podcast titled “My Dad Wrote a Porno”. Famous television and radio host Alice hosts this podcast show with her friends Jamie Morton and James Cooper. The two have been friends since their college days. In this podcast, Marton reads chapters from his father’s erotic novel “Belinda Blinked” and his two other companions, James and Alice, listen to the novel and share their thoughts.

Apart from that, Alice Levine also worked last year in a TV mini-series “Sex Actually with Alice Levine”. It was an adult show in which Alice explores what modern Brits do and discovers their views on physical relationships. Additionally, Alice also appeared last year on another game show podcast, “Modern Quest,” which was released on Amazon’s Audible app. The concept of this show is very similar to the Dungeons and Dragons show.

Accomplishments and controversies of Alice Levine

In 2013, Alice hosted a BBC Radio 1 show. Her co-host on the show was the famous Phil Taggart. People liked the animation of Alice in the show, after which the number of Alice fans started to increase. Additionally, Alice also hosted the Lovebox cover for Xbox. In 2013, she also had the opportunity to present a program on BBC 2.

However, in 2014, due to Alice’s amazing presenting skills, she was offered a new weekly radio show where she was the only presenter. Speaking of achievements, in 2008 Alice received the National Student Television Award for “Best Female On Screen”. Additionally, Alice has also received several awards as the co-producer and presenter of “My Dad Wrote a Porno”. In 2012, rumors that Alice Levine was pregnant were making headlines. However, there was no confirmation from Alice’s side. Therefore, this news was quickly considered a mere rumor.

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