Agility Robotics and Playground Global join TechCrunch Live to speak about robotics fundraising – TechCrunch


Delivery has become one of the fastest growing verticals for robotics investment amid pandemic-related shutdowns. There has been a lot of interest in the category over the years, but Covid-19 has accelerated interest from all sides. In this category, however, Agility stands out – in more ways than one.

Born out of research from Oregon State University’s Dynamic Robotics Laboratory, the company has developed a bipedal robot that can overcome the nemesis of its brethren on wheels: stairs. Agility CTO Jonathan Hurst — who co-founded the company with CEO Damion Shelton in 2015 — will join TechCrunch Live on March 2 at 1130am PT / 230pm ET to discuss the progress the company has been making.

He will be joined by Bruce Leak, a Founding Partner at Bay Area VC firm Playground Global, who co-led Agility’s $20 million Series B in October 2020. Leak will join us to review the state of robotics investment in companies such as Agility, which signed a supply deal with Ford Motors in 2019 and has been working ever since to bring its potent robots into the equally red-hot world of warehouse automation.

Leak and Hurst will join TechCrunch Live on March 2 at 1130am PT / 230pm ET to discuss their partnership. Click here to sign up for free!

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