Adele’s London property is truly a dream home with an energy center, gym and much more

Adele London Home has some spectacular features
Adele’s London home is extremely private (Photo Credit – Adele/Instagram)

Singer Adele’s three bedroom flat in London has some spectacular features.

Asked about her plans after the show, Adele said: “I’m going right back to my flat. Then I go to McDonald’s. Maybe I’ll open a bottle of white wine.”

The modern development features a 24-hour concierge team, as well as an energy centre, swimming pool, sauna and gym, reports

The three-bedroom flat is also extremely secure and private, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

The London-born star is now based in the US, but she flew her team into town for the BRIT Awards.

Adele went on to appear on “The Graham Norton Show,” where she promised fans that her Las Vegas residency — which was postponed in January — will take place later this year.

She said: “We are working our best now, but I don’t want to announce any new dates until I know everything will be ready for sure.

“The sooner I can announce it the better, but we can’t if we don’t finish in time. It’s absolutely 100 percent this year. It has to happen this year because I have plans for next year.”

The Grammy-winning star was previously forced to postpone her residency after Covid hit production.

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