A Superior Day’ Kdrama Has It’s New Posters Released


Upcoming drama “A Superior Day” will be hitting streaming platforms soon. However, before that, we got a glimpse of the character bases and now two new posters of the drama have been released. Based on the webtoon of the same name, the drama deals with a dreaded postman where a father is trapped in a situation between a contact and a serial killer who is his neighbor, with his daughter missing.

The public is already pretty hooked on the concept and they have every good reason to do so. Descendants Of The Sun actor Jin Goo will star as the father while Penthouse’s Ha Do Kwon and In Between Seasons’ Lee Won Keun will appear as a contract killer and serial killer.

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‘A Superior Day’ Kdrama Has Its New Posters Released

A Superior Day is creating a lot of buzz due to its cast and plot. To keep the hum alive and excite audiences even more, two new posters for the drama have been released. One of the posters gives us a glimpse of the characters’ personalities where their respective roles are revealed.

A superior day
A superior day

When the drama’s concept revolves around a father having to rescue his kidnapped daughter within 24 hours, he’ll likely be quick about every action he takes. That’s why in the poster, Lee Ho Chul can be seen in a very desperate situation. An error, a misstep in poor schedule management can have fatal consequences. From his posture, we can tell that he is limited in time and his eyes hold back his pent up emotions, the fear of missing his daughter, of the danger lurking behind.

Kwon Si Woo, on the other hand, has a rather gentle and calm expression. Although he looks back in the poster, you can tell he knows what he’s doing. His personality reminds us of the characteristics of a serial killer where he knows he will be hunted down, despite loving the challenge. It’s like challenging an entire organization by portraying the fact that it’s right in front of their eyes, but no one can catch it yet. Maybe he’s looking back to give the hint, ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

Bae Tae Jin expresses a quiet nature where he doesn’t seem rushed. In the poster, he kind of has a very still expression, where whatever is going on doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He is only entitled to his work, and no given circumstance can change that. Unlike Lee Ho Chul, he gives off a very cold vibe. For him, killing someone is nothing but another job for him, which implies that he is nothing but a hitman.

About the second poster

There is also a second poster that resembles the characters from the webtoon, which the drama is based on. The fun fact is how well the webtoon poster and the drama poster are in sync. It’s perfectly executed, whether it’s the posture of the characters or the emotions conveyed by each of them.

A superior day
A superior day

The webtoon itself is popular and making a drama out of it will only make it even more exhilarating for the audience.

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A superior day synopsis

A Superior Day is another addition to Kdrama’s 2022 roster. The drama revolves around a panicked father, who must find and rescue his daughter before the 24-hour deadline. His daughter has been kidnapped by a serial killer next door and to end this unfortunate incident he has to kill the serial killer. Jin Goo stars as Lee Ho Chul, a professional firefighter who must find his kidnapped daughter. Ha Do Kwon portrays Bae Tae Jin who is a hitman, and Lee Won Geun portrayed Kwon Si Woo, a psychopathic serial killer.

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