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If you are looking for a classic romantic South Korean movie to watch, “A Man and a Woman” is a perfect choice for you. It’s a love story between a man and a woman who meet in a very unexpected situation. In Finland, they spend an intimate night together and leave the next day without even knowing each other.

However, when they find themselves in South Korea, they feel an undeniable connection and begin an affair to escape their grim realities. Sang-Min struggles with his family as his son suffers from an illness and Ki hong’s wife gives him a hard time as she suffers from depression. This is because they use their relationship to have moments of happiness.

Synopsis “A Man and a Woman”

The South Korean movie “A Man and a Woman” is a romantic drama starring Gong Yoo and Jeon Do-Yeon in the lead roles. The film’s story begins with Sang Min and Ki-hong dropping off their children at camp on a cold winter’s day in Finland. Then, as she is alone in the cold, she turns to a stranger to ask for fire. As both are worried parents, they decide to follow their children to the campsite.

However, as they return via the same trail, a snowstorm appears out of nowhere. For this reason, they are forced to spend the night together in an inn. The next day, as they leave the inn, they decide to stop at a sauna and end up having sex. Neither of them thinks it will be a problem because they will never see each other again. After their crazy experience, they leave without even knowing each other. When they think they will return to their real life in South Korea, their fate changes when they find each other.

The story of a man and a woman
The story of a man and a woman

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Sang-Min and Ki Hong fall in love

After several months of their meeting in Finland, Sang Min sees Ki Hong outside his clothing store in South Korea. She is not able to understand if it is fate or just a coincidence. Eventually, they get to know each other and discover that they are married with children. However, that doesn’t remove the spark they have between them. Both struggle in their married life as Sang Min’s son suffers from an unidentified illness. This situation puts his family to the test. Additionally, the lack of intimacy in her marriage leads her to seek solace elsewhere.

Even in Ki-hong’s family, his wife suffers from certain psychological problems, including depression, alcoholism and suicidal thoughts. Her husband plays the role of a brother instead of a husband to his wife. Each time his wife suffers from an episode, Ki hong finds himself further and further away from his family. Both find solace in their relationship and use it as a way to escape reality. However, when Sang-Min realizes that she is in love with Ki Hong, she divorces her husband and returns to Finland. One day, she sees Ki Hong sitting in a restaurant laughing with her family and it breaks her heart. She leaves the restaurant and flies off in a taxi crying all the way back. Ki hong also cares about her and follows her out of the restaurant but when he sees his daughter’s face, he decides to stop his affair for her.

A man and a woman kissing
A man and a woman kissing

The cast of “A Man and a Woman”

When we talk about what makes a movie exceptional, we always think of a great cast. The film “A Man and a Woman” stars Jeon Do-Yeon as the female lead in the film. She plays the role of Sang Min, a mother struggling with her son’s illness. Also, she is not happy in her marriage as her relationship with her husband lacks intimacy. The male lead of “A Man and a Woman” is Gong Yoo. He is someone looking for a companion who can provide him with some comfort and support. His wife suffers from depression and alcoholism, which strains his marriage.

Where to watch the drama “A Man and a Woman”

The South Korean movie “A Man and a Woman” is a classic romance movie released on February 25, 2016. People living in South Korea, as well as international fans, can watch the movie on Prime Videos subscription websites. For that particular website, the user will have to create an account and purchase a preferable subscription plan.

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