A Love to Remember Filming Locations & The Plot


Romantic movies are always a treat for those who want to watch something light and fun. Most rom-com movies are still the best choices if you just want to relax after a long hectic day. It is also one of the most popular genres of all time. Anyway, every year you can choose from tons of romantic comedies. If you’re an avid watcher of the genre, you might have come across A Love to Remember. This movie came out last year and did pretty average at the box office. What amazed the audience was the beauty of the film’s sets. Most of them wanted to know where a memorable love was filmed?

The film was released only in Canada and therefore did not attract many viewers. If the movie had been released in theaters around the world, there would be people who would be interested. However, the production company released the film on a few OTT platforms. Therefore, if you are extremely interested in knowing what the movie is about, you can check it out. Another interesting thing to note is that if you watched While You Were Sleeping, you will definitely like this movie too!

Where was A Love to Remember filmed?

Now we come to the main part of finally revealing where A Love To Remember was filmed. The entire film was shot in British Columbia, Canada. To be precise, the maximum of the film was shot at 22363 Selkirk Ave, Maple Ridge. So, if you live near the area and have already watched the movie, you can go ahead and try to find the exact locations where some of the scenes were. Unfortunately, we have few clues about the studio that was used to shoot all the interior scenes of the film. There is quite a bit of information available about the film. However, everything was shot in British Columbia, that’s for sure.

where was a love to remember filmed
A scene from the movie.

This isn’t the first time British Columbia has been used as a filming location. There are tons of extremely popular and famous movies that were filmed here. One such movie is Deadpool. Our funny and strong superhero who is played by Ryan Reynolds was filmed in Canada. Well, that was quite interesting because Reynolds himself is Canadian, and he used to stay in Vancouver. Other popular movies were Final Destination, Happy Gilmore, Little Women, The A-team, Scary Movie and tons of other movies. So, on your next visit to British Columbia, be sure to check out the filming locations of your favorite movies and identify the scenes that were filmed there.

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A love to remember

If you’re a picky viewer and want to learn a little more about the premise before you sit down to watch a movie, we’re here to help. Here is a short synopsis of A Love to Remember. The plot is quite similar to most rom-com movies we see. It revolves around Tenley Sweeney, a horticulturist, who wants to stay away from any sort of relationship. However, she has a crush on Jared Carr, whom she met online. They haven’t met online yet, and finally, we see Tenley mustering up the courage to ask her out. Unfortunately, Jared encounters an accident on the way. When Tenley learns of this, she rushes to the hospital to meet him. From there, an interesting twist presents itself.

where was a love to remember filmed
A scene from the movie.

The hospital faculty considers her his wife and puts her through all the procedures. Although she obliges and feels that it is a small misunderstanding. Things started to get worse. Jared’s family comes to the hospital to visit and finds out about Tenely as Jared’s wife. It all becomes too far and intangible. Now it’s up to Jared and Tenley to get out of this mess, before others start to suspect something is wrong with their relationship. To find out if they finally get out of this mess, or if they just find love by being fake husband and wife, be sure to watch the movie.

You can watch the series here.

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