A Look At The Best Fashion Moments Of BTS J-Hope On His 28th Birthday!


It’s J-Hope’s birthday!! And just like BTS ARMY, we can’t keep calm. On this day, a bundle of hope was born in Ilgok dong, Gwangju, South Korea. J-Hope is exactly what he calls himself: I am your hope, you are my hope, I am J-Hope. He is the true embodiment of hope, radiating various colors of joy and happiness at all times. However, J-Hope’s fashion is another charm. The birthday boy never fails to amaze fans and audiences alike with his selection of exotic streetwear and the coolest accessories. On the other hand, J-Hope also looks elegant and lavish at the most prestigious events. So we decided to create a list of the best J-Hope fashion moments for you!

J-Hope celebrates his birthday in his hometown. Additionally, the rapper was seen wandering the streets while admiring his birthday plans. He posted a picture with Chicken Noodle Soup graffiti on Instagram. Fans are happy to see him spending time with his family and Mickey (pet dog).

On J-Hope’s 28th birthday (international age), we’ll be listing some of his best fashion moments. Also, expect to check out J-Hope’s best looks at awards shows, music videos, and regular releases in our list of J-Hope’s best fashion looks.

Best Fashion Moments From Birthday Boy, J-Hope!

On February 18, 1994, J-Hope was born in Gwangju, South Korea. A dance pro from an early age, J-Hope went on to audition for several entertainment companies. After being rejected by JYP Entertainment, he approached BigHit Entertainment and is now one of the top rappers and singers in the music community. With a special rap flow, unconditional love for his fans, and plenty of hope, J-Hope checks out all the makings of the most talented, sweetest human on Earth.

happy birthday j hope
credit: Bighit Music/ Facebook

His birthday has arrived and all of his nicknames (J-Hope, Hobi, Sunshine) are already trending on Twitter.

As a member of BTS, J-Hope has released and performed some of pop’s biggest hits. The 28-year-old is a renowned rapper, septet dance leader and even a fantastic singer. Besides his many talents, fans praise him for his quirky and urban fashion choice.

Loose clothing with multiple accessories is J-Hope’s style. However, the rapper also knows how to wear a boujee costume. So, here are our picks of the best J-Hope fashion moments every BTS army should know!

The age of dynamite

The entire Dynamite era was J-Hope’s red carpet. From music video to stage performances, J-Hope has served the hottest looks to the military. The OBEY t-shirt he wore in the Dynamite MV is still a best-seller and sold out immediately after J-Hope rocked it with funky Pinterest-y yellow sunglasses.

J-Hope's best fashion moments
creation: BigHit Music

Hobi definitely served up looks with his ’70s-inspired suits and exposed forehead. To this day, we wonder how we survived the Dynamite era of J-Hope. On top of that, the vintage-retro Gucci suit made her steal the show from others. J-Hope, who loves interacting with ARMY, was showering behind-the-scenes photos for fans, making his look more memorable.

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Malte Vacay = Boyfriend J-Hope Vibes

BTS on vacation is a chaotic affair. ARMYs can see their favorite group of boys chilling and hanging out without working on schedules. During Bon Voyage Season 3, BTS traveled to Malta, Europe. Even though they were tourists on the streets, J-Hope channeled his inner boyfriend driving the entire ARMY crazy.

J-Hope was clicked wearing a white button-up shirt as he posed, looking in another direction. Jungkook clicked an ethereal image of his hyung (Older brother in Korean) while having dinner. The image that resurfaced in 2018 is still all the rage on the web. J-Hope gave major boyfriend vibes, who we’d love to go on a date with.

J-Hope in Malta
J-Hope during season 3 of Bon Voyage

In the photo, J-Hope sits at a table by the water as the Malta Sun prepares to disappear. The gold surrounding Hobi makes it shine. Thus, it deserves to have a place on the list of top BTS J-Hope fashion moments.

J-Hope airport chic fashion

Is this even a list of J-Hope’s best fashion moments without mentioning his unique, quirky and fabulous streetwear fashion? Often spotted at airports, BTS member J-Hope sweeps the crowd with his urban streetwear looks always complemented by bucket hats, oversized bags, sparkly jewelry and very blingy rings.

J-Hope is always in his element when he dresses in his classic Hobi-street collection. The rapper adorns vintage and haute couture jewelry from Louis Vuitton and Chanel all the time. Moreover, its unique choice of accessories also includes irregular shaped bags, flat bags, transparent bags, etc.

happy birthday jhope

J-Hope likes to play with colors. Therefore, her airport-chic yet urban fashion often includes oversized sweatshirts and shirts with baggy jeans. Her airport fashion can really earn a spot on our list of top J-Hope fashion moments.

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The Chicken Noodle Soup Era

Anything about the chicken noodle soup era is fascinating to a Hobi stan. Her single with Becky G was a hit and featured trilingual lyrics. Besides the excellent music video and song, J-Hope’s aura and fashion sense were excellent. Fans got to meet a different J-Hope when he appeared in a denim jacket with no shirt underneath and shorts. His denim jacket from CHEMIST was barely buttoned, making ARMY crazy about his look.

In another photo from the CNS set, J-Hope showed off her beautiful rings and her red xVESSEL shoes (which incidentally are sold out).

Jhope best fashion moments
J-Hope at the “Chicken Noodle Soup” MV set (cr: Bighit/Facebook)

Outside of the scenes, J-Hope’s look in the clip was on fire. His 99% shirt and pants duo with spiky hair and a headband (at the end of the video) should go down in history. Plus, another pair of pants from the video with threads sticking out of them is something only J-Hope could pull off.

Watch J-Hope and Becky G in the CNS music video here.

Boujee King J-Hope

J-Hope indeed likes to stick to loose, urban clothing. However, when it comes to rocking a real red carpet, he makes sure to look dapper in expensive suits and designer outfits. J-Hope gave us major Bad and Boujee vibes with his looks at most events. But, deep down we all know that our Hobi is sweet and Boujee.

Starting with the purple velvet suit he wore to the 2020 Melo Music Awards, the stylist what they were doing that day: getting ready to make every J-Hope fan gasp. With BTS performing “ON,” “Life Goes On,” “Black Swan,” and “Dynamite” at the event, Hobi stole the show in the purple costume. Plus, the dance break led by J-Hope was the icing on the cake.

J-Hope at MMA 2020
J Hope

That day, J-Hope chose to wear no shirt under his purple velvet suit and create havoc, which actually happened on Twitter.

Notable mentions include his images of Soul Card: 7 conceptual images. The entire filming can be called modern Renaissance paintings. J-Hope, especially with his dark eyes and glowing skin, owned the event. Moving forward, we have his awesome 2019 MMA suit. Why just wear a suit when you can wear it with a belt?

J Hope
The Soul:7 Concept Image Map

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Insta Fashion Influencer J-Hope

Since BTS joined Instagram, their social interaction has increased by a huge amount. J-Hope is the only member outside of RM who regularly updates his feed. A true fashionista, the rapper doesn’t forget to tell ARMY about his gorgeous cuts in the most aesthetically pleasing way. J-Hope’s stream includes several posts from his #OOTD. Plus, her way of showcasing the entire outfit is to die for.

Truly, Hobi is a true Instagram fashion influencer, and he’s on his way to landing the jobs of the others who already exist!

Additionally, the cute little polaroid photos and posts garnish its feed in proper structure. Indeed, J-Hope spends a lot of time before sharing the tiny little details of his life with the fans. So, we couldn’t let her fashion influence our list of top J-Hope fashion moments.

J-Hope best fashion moments
J-Hope with his sister, Ji-Woo (created: Instagram)

Fashion runs in the family. J-Hope’s sister, Jung Ji Woo, is also a fashion influencer, fit model, and YouTuber under Cube Entertainment. Ji-Woo owns fashion company AJLOOK, online shopping mall MEJIWOO, and eyewear brand FUN THE MENTAL. The sister-brother duo often posts eye-catching selfies and photos with each other. Fans can’t wait to see the two together.

From the full list of top J-Hope fashion moments, which one is your favorite?

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