‘A Letter To Three Wives’ Ending Explained


The ending of ‘A Letter To Three Wives’ is commendable. How the writer forces actresses to remember everything that happened in their life as a couple. A Letter To Three Wives is a romantic drama film that focuses on three married women with different backgrounds. All are friends who enjoy their upper middle class life. But what will happen when one of their husbands runs away with their mutual friend, Addie? It’s all about the story, simple yet addictive! A perfect example of an old but elegant film. The good part is that you can also watch this movie on Youtube. This black and white movie is something you can’t miss! So, read on and learn everything you need to know about the ending of “A Letter To Three Wives.”

In 1949, A Letter to Three Women was published starring Jeanne Crain as Deborah Bishop, Jeffery Lynn as Brad Bishop, Linda Darnell as Lora Mae, Paul Douglas as Porter, Ann Sothern as Rita Phillips, and Kirk Douglas as George Phillips. The film is a remake of Klempner’s novel A Letter to Five Wives, but both of the woman’s roles were canceled so that the film’s runtime would be watchable by audiences without being bored. The ending of “A Letter To Three Wives” is quite different in the novel. There are different issues, and none of them work out with her husband in the end. However, we are happy with the film’s ending because it shows how good communication can solve any problem.

A letter plot to three wives

With three wives, Deborah Bishop, Lora Mae Hollingsway and Rita Phipps. The three friends are about to take the kids for a boat ride and picnic as a charity. They receive a letter from their mutual friend, Addie Rose. She mentions how much she appreciates their friendship. However, today she runs away with one of their husbands. After reading this, everyone is in shock because no one knows who the husband who ran away with Addie is. All three women never liked Addie because she was jealous. She is a perfect woman for whom their husbands had a weakness.

A letter to three wives
With: Rita, Lora and Deborah

The story goes back to flashbacks beginning with Deborah’s past life and how she met her partner. Deborah grew up on a farm whose first encounter with the world was when she joined the Navy during World War II. She met her partner, Brad. After the war, Deborah comes into Brad’s life and gets married. Afterwards, she learns that her friends always assumed that Brad would marry Addie, which added to her insecurities.

In the next Flashback, Rita Phipps recalls her neglect in her marriage. She is a career-oriented woman who earns more than her partner. She writes stories for radio soap operas and, on the other hand, her husband George is a school teacher. Rita’s husband wants her to quit her job and spend time with him. Although she wishes differently. One day, she threw a party for her boss and forgot George’s birthday, which was on the same day. When she arrives home, to her surprise, an expensive gift has arrived from Addie.

In the last flashback, Lora Mae grew up in a poor family, so her main goal was to marry the rich. Porter, an elderly, divorced man, is the perfect match for her. Although Lora’s mother disagrees with the couple. When Lora visits Porter’s house, she sees Addie’s pictures on her piano. When Lora asks him to take them off, he refuses, which infuriates Lora and leads her to break off the marriage. Porter tries to fix things with Lora by deleting all of Addie’s photos and skipping her New Year’s Eve party.

A letter to three wives
Scene between film

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A letter to three wives ending explained

When the three wives return from their trip, they rush to their house in search of their husbands. Rita is relieved to find her husband at home. After observing him at home, Rita realizes his importance in her life and fixes things with him. Meanwhile, Lora arrives home to find her husband is missing. She begins to cry that her husband left with Addie. But later, Porter arrived home late and heard his wife’s accusations driving him crazy. Meanwhile, Deborah’s housekeeper hands her a letter from Brad indicating her absence for that evening.

letter to 3 wives
between movie scene

Heartbroken Deborah thinks it was her partner who got away with Addie. She, her friends and their husbands arrive at a local bar. When Lora dances with another man, Porter becomes enraged and criticizes her for only loving her for her money. He accuses her that she will be more than happy to divorce him and settle for a large sum. Deborah tries to tell Porter that she loves him deeply. As soon as she gets up, Porter confesses that he was the one who was going to run away with Addie. Although he changed his mind. Shortly after hearing this, Deborah ran out of the bar in search of Brad, eventually revealing that he was away on business. Porter confesses this in front of Lora, who pretends not to hear anything. Finally, Porter is convinced that Lora loves him more than his money.

Nobody ran off with Addie. All women work things out with their husbands, which makes their marriage stronger. All thanks to Addie’s Letter! But what happened to Addie? The writer left that part hanging because there isn’t much screen time for Addie.

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