A History of Rodgers, 49ers as they prepare to meet in the playoffs


Aaron Rodgers is aiming for his first after-season win in four tries against San Francisco on Saturday.

Aaron Rodgers is aiming for his first after-season win in four tries against San Francisco on Saturday.
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The Green Bay Packers have advanced to the playoffs 11 times since Aaron Rodgers became their starting quarterback. The only years they didn’t make the playoffs were his first year as a starter in 2008, 2017 when an injury cost him more than half the season, and in 2018 when he battled a knee injury to start all 16 games , but his performance was not up to his usual standards and the Packers finished 6-9-1.

It’s an impressive run, but in just one season, the Packers have made it to the Super Bowl with Rodgers starting, their 2010 season — a season in which they had to win the final game of the regular season to reach the final NFC playoff spot. . The following year, they finished as the most disappointing 15-1 team in NFL history, after being smoked by eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

The Packers didn’t even make the NFC Championship Game until the 2014 season and have been 0-4 in appearances in that game since winning the Super Bowl.

However, no team was tougher for Rodgers and the Packers than the San Francisco 49ers. His quarterback predecessor, Brett Favre, had few issues with the legendary Jerry Rice and Steve Young—and certainly none with Elvis Grbac in 1996. The Packers knocked the 49ers out in the playoffs for three straight seasons, going 4-1 against them. with Favre as starter.

With Rodgers as the starter, it’s like Seinfeld’s episode “The Opposite.” George’s life is in shambles, so he decides to do the opposite of every instinct he has, and he begins to blossom as Elaine’s life falls apart. The 49ers are currently eating a chicken salad sandwich, new assistant to New York Yankees traveling secretary George Costanza, and the Packers are the Jujyfruits eating, Hanger Publishing screwed up Elaine Benes.

Rodgers is 0-3 against the 49ers in the playoffs and every defeat is different. Or Rodgers is beaten by a quarterback who for some reason was out of the NFL when he was in his late twenties; falls short in a defensive battle; or he and his team melt like a Hershey’s bar left in a car in July, they can’t get past the Northern California team.

Saturday night may be his last chance with the 49ers in a Packers uniform, so let’s look back at how the previous encounters went.

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