‘A Banquet’ Movie Ending Explained


“A Banquet” is a 2022 horror film, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. It attracted massive attention thanks to its curious but confusing storyline. Moreover, the creators of this film took the filming sessions at a fairly slow pace. It’s good to have some transitions. The story is about a widowed mother who has to figure out the issues behind her daughter’s starving nature. Well, according to viewers, the ending of “A Banquet” is quite confusing, it seems. But to find out, people desperately watch the movie to understand the concept of the whole story. Moreover, the characters in this movie were also beautiful.

Talking about the characters, many of them thought that the whole movie was beautifully structured by all the strong female characters in the movie. And guess what? The creators ensured that this movie creates a completely different emphasis on our minds. And they didn’t fail to do so. It’s a little painful to see a mother suffer from all the recent cases that have happened in her life. But at the same time, she’s trying to get her family’s life back on track. This is the reason why the end of “A Banquet” is too complicated to analyze.

Plot Summary

As for the script of this film, it captures the emotional aspect of our lives. Speaking of which, the film chronicles the life of Holly, a widowed mother, who recently lost her husband. Not by accident, but he killed himself. Succumbing to her injuries, she gives everything to bring everything back to normal, especially her children. As for her children, she is a mother of two daughters. His eldest daughter Betsey has always been popular for her brilliant mind, but she soon becomes numb and hopeless for days.

An end of banquet explained.
A banquet

Everything was fine at first until the 17-year-old starved for days. This, in turn, makes Holly even more worried and she would think her daughter’s health is at stake. But soon, Betsey begins to reveal her true thoughts of being under divine enlightenment. At first, Holly doesn’t take this seriously as she thinks her teenage years might be the reason for all the weird behavior she’s displaying. But soon things get even stranger when she realizes that Betsey has never lost a pound. Holly’s mind begins to swirl in multiple questions. And these questions make her worry about her daughter’s intentions.

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Plus, Betsey would always feel like she’s nauseous about everything she eats. And guess what? His body is full of energy. Well, the main goal of the director is to bring to light the problems of this house, where a mother worries about her own existence. On the other hand, her daughter’s well-being also bothers her. In the midst of all these problems, she must understand the real reason why her daughter is revealing her idea of ​​divine intervention. Additionally, this film will also reveal his struggle to be a sole earner.

“A Banquet” Ending Explained

When it comes to the end of ‘A Banquet’. Fans had several questions and doubts in their minds. And the majority of them were related to the start of Betsey’s behavior change. It looks like Betsey was at a party, and as soon as she goes out for a break. But strange strange voices and the blood moon catch his attention. Also, towards the end, Izzy comes back from a party and she is very drunk. On the other hand, Holly strikes up a conversation with Dominic, in which she wants to know everything Betsey told her. However, things get even worse, when Izzy secretly stuffs food into Betsey’s mouth.

This film was screened at the Toronto Film Festival
A banquet

Izzy leaves her house to live with her grandmother for the weekend and she reveals her thoughts in which she confesses that Betsey showed her the “feeling of being nothing”. And guess what? before all of this, Holly caught Betsey choking. Plus, she was always talking about seeing stars and Grandma was always convincing Holly that Betsey was fake about all the incidents. After Izzy left, Holly sat next to Betsey’s bed and talked about her feelings. She talked about all the pressure she has to go through. Holly just wanted it over, she was extremely tired of holding it all together.

Even Holly started hearing these distinctive voices after seeing the blood moon as well. Also, Betsey convinces her mother to stay with her no matter what. Towards the end, Betsey screams at the top of her voice, as she suffers. Throughout the scene, she asked her mother for help but as Holly had promised her, she was unable to do so. Because Betsey knew she would resist, but only Holly’s love would prepare her for what was to come. But, Betsey dies. And as she mentioned, Holly sees the stars, which hypnotizes and burns her at the same time. The ending is quite ambiguous and now we have to draw our own conclusions. Maybe Betsey really saw things? Or maybe Betsey infected everyone’s mind, as Grandma said.

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