7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 7: Release Date & Preview


‘7 Fates: Chakho’ Chapter 7 will begin with Do Geon and Zeha meeting. Do Geon’s friend is dead in front of him, and he has only one thing left in his mind, to annihilate every Beom he meets. In such a situation, will he join the team when he knows that Zeha is a demi Beom? Meanwhile, the training seems to have positive results as Zeha can get a low level beam. Marco and Bulti’s goal, however, is clear. However, who sent them is still a secret.

Everyone was affected by the booms. Someone lost loved ones while some became the sacrifice. The only team that stands in the way of the beasts is Chakho. However, like Do Geon, the other members can also have their share of past history. How they will team up while keeping other feelings aside will be an exciting watch.

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7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 6 Recap

Shin Shi Tower witnessed one of the major blows of destruction during the fight between Do Geon and the Beoms. However, now with them, two human-like Beoms are also fighting against Do Geon. After launching a deadly attack on him, Marco and Bulti thought it was finally over. The intensity of the attack was remarkable as even part of the bridge broke due to it.

7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 7
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After the attack was over, Do Geon himself was surprised that he had survived this. His whole body ached and getting up was a quest for him. His only company was the lifeless body of his friend Kyungsoo, which lay next to him covered in blood. Tears of revenge streamed down his cheeks, and that day, Do Geon made a promise to himself to exterminate any beoms that might have existed.

Time flew by and three months passed after the fatal incident. However, the horrific attacks continued. This time it was Shi Si District 3. A paranoid man in fear was running for his life as no information from Intel was provided that bullets and blades do not work on beams. The beasts were about to kill him when a strike was thrown at them. It was none other than Zeha who hurt a beom. They couldn’t believe that a human could hurt them. The man was safely removed from the situation, which left Haru and Zeha to fight with the Beoms.

It was the first time Zeha had hurt a beom with a blade, and it was very different from shooting a gun. Haru being Haru, is always there for Zeha to calm him down so he can concentrate. Then in a series of strikes, he knocked down a few booms. Just as Zeha was about to take another stride, the boom exploded before her eyes. At first he couldn’t register it properly, but then he saw a man with a gun, a very unusual weapon.

No points for guessing because it was Do Geon. However, he stopped and pointed the gun at Zeha, asking him if he was a beom or not.

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Next scenario of 7 fates: Chakho Chapter 7

Do Geon only thinks about revenge, considering that he lost his friend to some beasts. What’s interesting is that even if he joins Chakho, what will be the reason, and how was he convinced? It will be something to look forward to.

7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 7
A photo from the webtoon

How to read 7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 7?

7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 7 is available on the webtoon app. You can find the app on playstore. To access the webtoon, you need to download the app, and it’s available for free. Besides that, you can also visit the webtoon website to read 7 Fates: Chakho.

When will 7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 7 be released?

7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 7 will be released on February 26, 2022. Each chapter adds different aspects to the story and makes it more intriguing.

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