7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 6: Release Date, Where To Read & Preview


“7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 6” is set to give the Beoms a hard time as Haru and Zeha are back. Now it’s all about seeing, after witnessing the state of the Beoms, how will Do Geon fit into the team. It’s almost the 5th episode. However, the other members still haven’t appeared, but hopefully we can see them soon.

The two unannounced individuals stirred up the scenario. A dark story awaits to be uncovered as they are extremely powerful, even more so than Hupo. If they were the ones who sent the Beoms, then what was Hupo’s role? Who do they work for? Several questions need their answers. However, for that, we have to stay tuned for the next episodes.

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7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 5 Recap

Do Geon is in a difficult situation as he is surrounded by Beoms. Although he still hasn’t overcome the trauma of losing his friends, his main priority is at the top, which wipes out the Beoms. However, they are not ordinary. Although killing humans was only a matter of seconds for them, this time the situation was different. When the Beoms attempted to attack Do Geon, he pulled out a weapon that looked like a machine gun but was more than that.

At first, the Beoms thought it would be nothing like what an ordinary human can do. Nevertheless, Do Geon executed seven in the blink of an eye. When one of the Beoms tried to launch an attack, Do Geon countered it by hiding the bullets in his mouth. Then, the entire fight scene took place on a bridge, and aside from the existing Beoms and Do Geon, not a single soul was found there. The demons were also amazed at the power of the machine as it was unlike any other human used before them so far. However, an unexpected incident took place. Does Geon mention how he would spare the Beoms if they apologized to his teammates?

Do Geon

As he was about to launch his final attack, a sudden voice was heard. It came from the sky and two unidentified individuals appeared. They looked like humans and mentioned that they were the ones who sent the Beoms, albeit only mid-level ones. They were known to Bulti and Maro, and it seems that Do Geon knew them.

The Beoms sweated over this fact and assured them that the situation was under control and that killing a mere human wouldn’t take long. At that time, Do Geon fired, and although at first it looked like Bulti was dead. However, he was just taking a turn and Do Geon realized that he was also a Beom.

Finally, in this chapter, Haru enters and analyzes the serious situation. He and Zeha are all ready to go out and collect the Beoms.

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Next scenario of 7 fates: Chakho Chapter 6

The character of Do Geon or RM has different shades in his character. It’s hard to understand him a bit, and for several reasons, his past has a role to play in it.

7 Fates Chakho Chapter 6

He, instead of completely killing the Beoms, was giving them a chance. It was unexpected, although he might have an ulterior motive behind it. Zeha and Haru are back, and this time stronger, it seems.

Where to read 7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 6?

The drama is available to read for free on the webtoon app. For the Korean version, it is the Naver Webtoon app, and for the English version, there is a separate app with the same name. You can find both on playstore and download them for free.

When will 7 Fates: Chakho Chapter 6 be released?

7 Fates: Chakho will be released on February 19, 2022. In IST, the drama will be released at 7:30. In Australia, the drama will be available at 1:30 p.m. and 7 Fates: Chakho will be released at 9:30 p.m. EST.

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