6 K-Dramas Releasing In March 2022 That You Should Add To Your List!


New K-Dramas will be raining down next month. Hence, we made sure to update our readers with all the information regarding the debut of K-Dramas in March 2022. With Kpop and South Korean dramas becoming a mainstream part of pop culture, the fan base of the category is increasing with an unimaginable number. . Dramas are gaining more and more recognition in the West, and some of them also manage to create Hallyu Wave in the world. So, you shouldn’t miss the list of upcoming K-Dramas in March 2022. With exciting shows like “Crazy Love” and “Sountrack#1”, March will occupy most of your hours. So get ready, all K-Drama lovers.

Korean dramas come in a wide range and genres. The category has something for everyone, be it a romance lover or an action lover. Moreover, the short duration of each Kdrama has its unique charm.

Crazy Love Kdrama
credit: KBS2

In the upcoming list, find all the information about the dramas released in March 2022. And be sure to mark the release dates in your calendars.

Doctor Lawyer

Featuring – So Ji Sub, Im Soo Hyang, Shin Sung Rok, Lee Joo Bin
Network –MBC
Kind – Thriller, Medical, Drama
Release date – March 4

Doctor Lawyer is MBC’s upcoming medical and legal thriller starring So Ji Sub. The drama will introduce the life of Han Yi Han (So Ji Sub), an excellent elite surgeon. He is a master in two categories: general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery. However, after an operation, his patient dies. Although Han Yi Han is confident that he performed the operation well, his patient could not pull through. After the incident, his license was revoked.

Four years later, Han Yi Han started working as a lawyer, specializing in medical litigation. He works hard to punish those who commit medical malpractice and fraud. Moreover, he tries to find out the reason for the death of his former patient. He also works with a prosecutor who lost a family member and lover to Han Yi Han’s operation.

Upcoming Kdramas of March 2022 - Doctor Avocat
So Ji Sub

The drama will also star Im Soo Hyang as Geum Seok Young, Shin Sung Rok as Jayden Lee, and Lee Joo Bin as Im Yu Na. Fans are wildly excited as So Ji Sub will return to the world of Kdrama after a 4-year hiatus.

Doctor Lawyer comes from director Lee Yong Seok of “Haechi” and “Iljimae.” Meanwhile, Jang Hong Chul, who wrote “Class of Lies,” will serve as screenwriter.

Crazy Love

Featuring – Kim Jae Wook, Krystal Jung, Ha Joon, Jo In
Network – iQiYi, KBS2
Kind – Comedy, Romance, Drama
Release date – March 7

The highly anticipated Kdrama romantic comedy Crazy Love is debuting soon. The drama is a romance between a man who claims to have amnesia because he thinks he’s going to get murdered and a woman who claims to be his fiancée because she has less time to live.

Kim Jae Wook plays Noh Go Jin, the CEO of GOTOP and the country’s top math teacher. On the other hand, Krystal Jung will take on the role of Lee Shin Ah, her reserved and extremely shy secretary. Due to her nature, she has no presence in the business. However, when it comes to responsibility and sincerity, she is at the top.

Kim Jung Hyun of “Sassy Go Go” and “My Fellow Citizens” will lead Crazy Love. He is widely known for portraying dark humor in the best way possible. Thus, fans are eagerly awaiting the drama.

Ha Jun also stars in the drama as Oh Se Gi, the vice president of GOTOP. He is the handsome and charming vice president of the company and the only one who can calm down Noh Go Jin. Following Ha Jun’s still release as Oh Se Gi, fans are also looking forward to swooning in front of him in the new drama.

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Why she?

Featuring – Hwang In Yeop, Seo Hyun Jin, Heo Joon Ho, Bae In Hyuk
Network – SBS, Viki, Viu TV
Kind – Romance, Melodrama
Release date – March 18

Seo Hyun Jin stars as Oh Soo Jae, a brilliant lawyer who cares about her principles and determination. She has repeatedly proven why she is one of the best lawyers. And her hard work has also made her the youngest partner in the most prestigious law firm in the country. While she is on the way to becoming the best lawyer at TK Law, her life changes radically. After taking on a case, Oh Soo Jae must deal with her shaky career. As a result, she is demoted and is forced to work as an adjacent professor at a local law school.

She decides to give 100% in her new job, but the pain of her demotion still haunts her. Her life changes a little when she crosses paths with Gong Chan (Hwang In Yeop), a university student. He falls in love with Oh Soo Jae, even though he suffers from his own past.

The audience is looking forward to seeing Oh Soo Jae’s determination and Gong Chan’s support and love. And can he bring them happiness?

Kim Ji Eun from “Lie After Lie” will write the script. Meanwhile, “While You Were Sleeping”’s Park Soo Jin will direct the drama.

Since, Why she is a Viki and Viu Original, it will be available to stream worldwide.


Featuring – Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Yoon Ji On
Network – MBC, Netflix
Kind – Fantasy, Action, Drama
Release date – March 25

Choi Joon Woong (Rowoon) is struggling to find a job. Even though he graduated from a prestigious college, has rich parents, and seems like the perfect guy, he couldn’t find a job. One night, he meets the angels of death: Gu Ryeon (Kim Hee Sun) and Im Ryoog Gu (Yoon Ji On). The two are part of the Crisis Management Team, where Gu Ryeon is the leader and Im Ryoong Gu is a member. The crisis management team works with the objective of rescuing suicidal people. Choi Joon Woong also joined the team and became the newest member of crisis management. Lee Soo Hyuk will also star in the drama as Park Joong Gil, the intimidating reaper.

tomorrow is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Llama. Kim Tae Yoon will make his drama directorial debut with Tomorrow. Also, fans are looking forward to seeing Rowoon in an action drama unlike his usual romance.

tomorrow will be easily accessible for people to stream online as it will be released worldwide on Netflix in addition to its production network, MBC.

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Soundtrack #1

Featuring – Park Hyung Sik, Han So Hee, Lee Jung Eun
Network -Disney+
Kind – Music, Romance
Release date – to be determined

Next on the list of the most anticipated K-Dramas of March 2022 is Soundtrack #1. The drama will only have four episodes; however, its trailer has already swept viewers away, ensuring the drama is on their watch list. The drama follows the lives of two people who have been friends for two decades. However, after living together for two weeks, the simple line between love and friendship begins to fade.

Park Hyung Sik will play the role of Han Sun Woo, a handsome rookie photographer with a warm character. On the other hand, Han So Hee will play Seo Eun Soo, a lively girl who likes to openly express her emotions. Three years ago, she had the chance to become a lyricist. Now, the love between Han Sun Woo and Seo Eun Soo is blossoming through the music composition and lyrics.

People are very excited to watch the drama. Plus, they can’t wait to see the story told in just 4 episodes. Kim Hee Woon, who directed “Vincenzo” and “The Crowned Clown,” is directing Soundtrack #1. Meanwhile, Chae Yoon, who wrote “She Would Never Know,” wrote the script.

Soundtrack #1 will be available worldwide to stream on Disney+. However, the streamer has yet to share its release date.


Featuring – Shin Hyun Bin, Koo Kyo Hwan, Kwak Dong Yeon, Nam Da Reum
Network – tvN
Kind – Thriller, Horror, Drama
Release date – to be determined

Last on our list of K-Dramas coming in March 2022 is monstrous. The tvN drama is another drama that viewers are waiting to see as soon as possible. He will describe the bizarre phenomenon that is happening in Jinyang County. Additionally, viewers will be able to see answers unveiled in the lives of different people.

Jung Ki Hoon (Koo Kyo Hwan) researches strange and supernatural phenomena as an artist. Byt, after working on a case, her life changes. Now he runs an occult magazine – Monthly Strange Story – and operates a Youtube channel of the same name. Because of his ex-wife, Lee Soo Jin (Shin Hyun Bin), he travels to Jinyang County to study Gwibul (a Buddha statue possessed by Evil Spirit) and encounters strange and bizarre phenomena.

Upcoming Kdramas of March 2022 - Monstrous
The cast of Monstrous (cr: TVing)

Lee Soo-Jin is a brilliant archaeologist who used to decipher symbols and letters. After losing her only child, she travels to Jinyang County and faces the same bizarre phenomena. The drama also stars Kwak Dong Yeon, Kim Ji Young, Park Ho San, and Nam De Reum in lead roles.

The release date for Monstrous has yet to be announced by tvN. But, the drama will only have six episodes. Jang Kun Jae will be making his drama directorial debut with the drama. Meanwhile, Yeon Sang-Ho and Ryu Yong Jae will write the script.

Out of all the k-dramas, which one are you most looking forward to binge-watching in March 2022?

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