5 Most Iconic Froppy Moments in My Hero Academia


Tsuyu Asui, popularly known as Froppy, is a fan favorite and the waifu of many. His deep voice, his direct style, his ability to grasp situations quickly, his hard work and his kindness make fans unable to resist and love him. One of Midoriya’s classmates, Tsuyu, is a Class 1-A Hero Course girl with a frog-like quirk. She first appeared in episode 5 of the BNHA series. And fans have been noticing her ever since, making them love her even more.

The BNHA series, a manga created by Kohei Horikoshi, is about powers, better known as Quirks. The world is all about quirks, and each person has their own quirk. There was an exception, however. Izuku Midoriya had no quirks. After meeting All Might, he had become All For One’s next successor. And it was Tsuyu Asui, the first among his classmates, who quickly noticed the similarity between All Might’s quirk and Izuku’s. So, let’s finally see some of the iconic moments of Froppy, who is not only smart, lively and intelligent, but also overloaded with cuteness.

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5 Most Iconic Froppy Moments At BNHA

Tsuyu during the USJ incident

Remember when the USJ incident happened in Season 1? Fans got chills everywhere watching this episode. Mineta, Midoriya, and Tsuyu were grouped together by the villains because their quirks were unknown to the villains and fought together, each relying on the strength of the other. The teamwork they had was second to none.

Tsuyu, during the USJ incident, had shown great skills, which was totally expected. Her planning with Midoriya and her strength in supporting them were all expected of her. Still, the moments were so fulfilling that fans can never get enough of watching.

5 Most Iconic Froppy Moments In My Hero Academia
Tsuyu, Izuku, and Mineta teamed up

Froppy presents Froppy

Season 2 Episode 13, it was time for the class of heroes to introduce their hero and present him in front of the class, Froppy did something to make not only the students but the fans smile. What do you think it was?

After Aoyama and Mina introduced their hero names, the heavy responsibility of trying to lighten the mood put unintended pressure on Midoriya, Sero, and Kirishima. However, Tsuyu went first and introduced her Rainy Season Hero: Froppy. The vibe was not only lightened, but even Midnight complimented it. Izuku, Sero, and Kirishima were so happy that they went from gloomy to happy.

5 Most Iconic Froppy Moments In My Hero Academia
Tsuyu Asui’s Hero Name: Froppy

Tsuyu breaks down

In Season 3 Episode 13 (again), Tsuyu breaks down in tears. A girl who had to say whatever was on her mind, whether she liked it or not, when she finally cried, fans were cathartic. Apologizing for what she said to Kirishima, Iida, Yaoyorozu, Izuku, and Shoto, Tsuyu also tells them that she just wanted to have fun together, forever.

5 Most Iconic Froppy Moments In My Hero Academia
Tsuyu apologized to everyone

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Froppy with agency Ryuku VS Rikiya

While in Season 4 there was mayhem and mayhem, Froppy had us wrapped around his little finger. Well, her fighting spirit was so incredible that even fans could tell how much she dragged her little body. Fighting against a huge monster-like enemy, Rikiya Katsukame, Froppy also looked fragile. But, knowing her perfectly, to underestimate her in this way is not sympathetic.

Along with Uravity and the Ryuku agency, Froppy has exceeded his limits. Rikiya Katsukame sucks the life forces out of those around him, only possible if he touches the being. However, after taking Irinaka’s drug, he could take the life forces from those around him without even touching them. While nearly everyone was hit, Froppy (and even Uracity) showed resilience and defeated the enemy. Proud!

5 Most Iconic Froppy Moments In My Hero Academia
Ryuku’s team defeated Rikiya

Tsuyu and her tongue and Kosei

Does the title sound weird to you? Sorry for the confusion, but it’s so hilarious when Tsuyu rolled her tongue over Kosei. First it was only to lock his hands, then the tongue took over Kosei’s entire body, down to his lower half.

Season 5 Episode 4 is when Tsuyu gets another one (Kosei) in her fan line. Not exactly, but I bet even Kosei couldn’t resist his charm. The first round of Joint Combat Training (Class 1-A vs. Class 1-B) Tsuyu, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Koda fight against Ibara, Kosei, Hiryu, Shishida, and Shinso. As they have to lock the captured in a cell, Tsuyu rolls her tongue over Kosei. As iconic as Froppy, isn’t it?

5 Most Iconic Froppy Moments In My Hero Academia
Joint combat training

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