49ers pass rusher Nick Bosa earns recognition from prize voters


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For the first time in years, I don’t think anyone was very angry with any of the award winners at last night’s NFL Honors ceremony. Sure, some Salty Packers fans could be upset that Tennessee’s Mike Vrabel won Coach of the Year – just like… I predicted I power add — but apart from thatthe NFL Honors ceremony went pretty well.

You may not like him as a person, but Aaron Rodgers earned the MVP award this year for his play on the field. Cooper Kupp may not have set any records, but he came damn close in almost every receiving category – earning the Attacking Player of the Year award. TJ Watt did set a record, and that almost guaranteed him DPOY recognition. Ja’Marr Chase was an obvious choice for OROY with how he ended the regular season. Micah Parsons as Defensive Rookie of the Year was the most obvious choice for an award in the past decade, and Joe Burrow winning Comeback Player of the Year makes sense. The Rise of Joe Shiestable less than a year after suffering a season end injury was great to watch.

However, that’s not what I want to talk about. I’m not here to change my mind about any of the award winners. I like them all. I just want to point out the lack of one specific player in the voting for several of these categories.

Apart from that time he got caught urinating in high school bleachers, 49ers’ edge rusher Nick Bosa had a phenomenal season. He finished fourth in sacks, third in pressure, and tied for fifth in quarterback knockdowns. Bosa was also the most double-teamed edge rusher much of the season in the NFL. He was a threat on the defensive line, and an absolute stud in the front seven of the 49ers. What he did in 2021 was nothing short of phenomenal. Even more impressive, Bosa accomplished all of the above after a year of being limited to just two games played with a torn ACL

Considering everything I’ve just said, as well as the fact that advanced statistics love Bosa, you would think Bosa would be a contender for Defensive Player of the Year and a favorite for Comeback Player of the Year, right?

HAHAHAHA! The award voters are laughing at your pride for coming up with such a ridiculous idea! Bosa did not receive a single vote in either category. Now I understand that I didn’t get a vote for Defensive Player of the Year. Watt set the pocket record and Aaron Donald and Parsons each had great seasons, but zero votes for Comeback Player of the Year? Where are the voters at? Bosa was one of the main reasons the 49ers made it to the NFC Championship Game. He was a driving force in that team’s recovery from a 3-5 start to the season.

I understand Burrow wins the prize. He was amazing this year after ripping his ACL and MCL in week 11 of last yearBut why on earth did the man who beat Bosa’s 49ers in the playoffs, Dak Prescott, get 21 votes and Bosa none? Sure, a compound ankle fracture is a more serious injury than Bosa’s torn ACL, but both were at the end of the season and Bosa actually missed more games than Prescott last season† I know it’s not a competition to see who has the worst injury, but how does Bosa get full? overlooked in that category. Safety loaders Derwin James also got a vote for CPOY. That’s fine, but still, Bosa should have gotten at least one stinky vote

The lack of respect for However, Bosa did not begin the NFL Honors ceremony. It started almost a month ago with the All-Pro vote. Despite all the achievements I have mentioned, Bosa was not named All-Pro, first or second team. Bosa received just five All-Pro votes, finishing behind Watt, Myles Garrett, Robert Quinn and Maxx Crosby in All-Pro vote. Maxx… Crosby. I’m not denying how great Crosby was for the Raiders this year. He’s a big reason Vegas made the playoffs. You can’t sit here and tell me Crosby deserved more of an All-Pro nod than Bosa, though.

In which category did Crosby have a better season than Bosa, hmm? I will be honest. Crosby registered more quarterback knockdowns than Bosa. In fact, Crosby led the league in that category, but what else? Come on. Hit me with it. I love Crosby, but let’s be real here.

Sure, the All-Pro snub would have been fine if Bosa had gotten the recognition he deserved for the NFL Honors ceremony, but Bosa didn’t get that recognition. He got no recognition at all. Maybe it’s just the salty 49ers fan in me, but man… Bosa’s 2021 season deserves a lot more love than it got.

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