1883 Season 1 Episode 10: Release Date & Preview


Is there an 1883 season 1 episode 10? If so, how did the Dutton family of the Lone Star State settle there? This trip on the Oregon Trail seems to go on forever. Faced with the difficulty of coping with the evils of the rigors of nature, they have to deal with the locals, anxious to protect their land tooth and nail. Thus, the Duttons must outsmart the natives and nature. Be sure to check out our latest episode recap.

First, if you’re not familiar with this Paramount+ exclusive show, it’s an American drama series from Taylor Sheridan starring Sam Elliot, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Isabel May, and Marc Risman. It’s a prequel to the hit series Yellowstone, telling us how this family managed to get such a big piece of land on the Lone Star State. Now, without further ado, let’s start covering this topic.

1883 season 1 episode 10
The first season is coming to an end for the Dutton family in the Lone Star State

1883 season 1 episode 9 recap

Before we begin, readers beware, as keep in mind that this recap contains major spoilers. Racing Clouds’, the ninth episode of the series, continues the caravan’s journey along the Oregon Trail. When a snake bites Risa’s horse, the group is forced to pull over to the side of the road. She was seriously injured when she fell from her horse. Josef arrives to see how she is, but the snake bites him as well. The group becomes restless due to the situation and Colton steps in to help them relax. He slams the snake against Josef’s foot and draws the blood out. As the immigrants tend to Risa and Josef, the caravan faces another problem.

Cross the Oregon Trail

Thomas, James and Shea, at the head of the caravan, come across an Amerindian camp that bandits have set on fire. Pioneers stole horses from Native Americans and they were brutally murdered. It may have been the work of horse thieves, according to James. Shea fears the loved ones of the deceased will show up at the scene seeking revenge. Because the caravan tracks intersect with those of the thieves, the group is susceptible to being targeted by the Native American tribe. As a result, James decides to track down the robbers and murder them on behalf of the Native Americans.

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Shea and Thomas are looking for the thieves

James tells the caravan members to stay put while he, Shea, and Thomas search for the rustlers. When Cookie arrives, he persuades everyone waiting at the construction site to be dangerous. He urges everyone to rush to Fort Caspar, the closest military checkpoint, as soon as possible. Margaret reluctantly agrees to follow them despite her best efforts to stop them for their safety. The caravan, however, is intercepted by Native Americans, who launch an attack on them. As James’ unit deals with the horse thieves, the group would have to fight back to survive. After killing the horse thieves, James, Shea and Thomas discover that the tank camp is dangerous.

Trailer from 1883:

Where to watch 1883 online?

Go to Paramount+ to watch ‘1883’. Subscribers to the service will be able to watch the most recent episode from there. If you have an Amazon Prime Video subscription and have decided to add Paramount+ to your existing plan, you can also watch episodes there. The show is a Paramount+ Original and its episodes are only available through the service. In the next section, we will cover everything related to the possible release date of the tenth episode of 1883.

1883 season 1 episode 10
Sam Elliot playing Shea Brennan in 1883

1883 Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date

1887 Season 1 Episode 10 does not occur as the first season ended with Episode 9, which aired February 20, 2022 at 3:00 a.m. EST in the United States on Paramount+. Now that the whole season is over, you can choose to watch all the episodes together. With that, we conclude our coverage of 1883 Season 1 Episode 10 here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading and check back regularly for daily updates on all your favorite series, movies and shows.

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