1883 Episode 9 Preview & Where to Stream


Episode 9 of “1883” will mark the penultimate entry in the series’ first season. With only two episodes left in the season, we can expect things to get worse. Elsa and Sam separated for a while. This parting was bittersweet. On the one hand, Sam and Elsa promised each other to meet again, two of them having married. On the other hand, this temporary separation could lead to bad news. How this all plays out will depend on what happens next on the perilous journey to Oregon.

Now let’s explore everything that “1883” episode 9 could entail and everything that happened in the previous episode. A short recap before discussing what follows is in order. Beware of spoilers ahead!

What happened in episode 8?

So far on ‘1883’, the wagon train has faced many perils on its way to Oregon. From extreme weather conditions to violent epidemics, people have suffered great losses. Elsa lost her love due to the violence at the start of the season. However, she found love again, in the Comanche warrior Sam. Episode 8 was a beautiful, slow-moving episode with several Elsa and Sam moments. At first, Elsa tells Sam that she will stay with him on the plains. However, Sam tells him that the mountains are worth it. So Elsa decides to continue her journey to Oregon.

At the end of the episode, Sam and Elsa are married and are going their separate ways for the time being. They both promise to meet after Elsa sees the trail to her destination. Although a reunion is what everyone wants to see, it may not be so easy. There are many perils on the Oregon Trail. Meanwhile, James became the trial leader after Shea offered to go to Denver instead and everyone else supported James’ decision to stick with the original destination.

Who plays James in 1883
Tim McGraw as James and Faith Hill as Margaret in Episode 8

‘1883’ Episode 9 Release Date and Preview

‘1883’ Episode 9 will be released tomorrow, Sunday, February 20, 2022. The official synopsis for the upcoming episode hints at an ominous unfolding of events. It seems that after the slow and quiet that dominated the last episode, the series is ready to pick up the pace and encounter darker turns as the season nears its conclusion. Episode 9 will be the penultimate entry and will likely contain the death of a major character. The official synopsis suggests so, at least. The synopsis simply reads – “A misunderstanding leads to a battle with dire consequences.”

Where to stream ‘1883’ online in the United States?

“1883” is available to stream online on Paramount+. The series is exclusive to the streaming platform. This means that viewers in the United States cannot watch the show elsewhere. New episodes drop on the streamer every week on Sundays. When you sign up, the streamer gives you a 7-day free trial, preceded by a $4.99 monthly subscription.

Where to stream ‘1883’ online in the UK?

Unfortunately, there is no way to watch or stream “1883” in the UK yet. There has been no official word or announcement regarding the release of the show on any streaming platform in the UK. There have been reports of Paramount+ coming to the UK, but there is little confirmation on this.

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