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12 Years A Slave came out in 2013 and won the Oscar. This film is based on the novel, which was published in 1853. The story revolves around a free African man in New York. Northup was a professional violinist. He has played in many places which has done him well. At 21, he married Anna Hompston thanks to his cooking skills. They had three children and lived peacefully until the tragedy. This film won many awards for its outstanding performance. The film earned around $187 million at a price of $22 million.

The film is also named the 44th greatest film of 2000 apart from the fact that the film received nine Oscar nominations and was named best picture in 2013 by several magazines. This movie is available on Netflix and Hulu. One of the best and most touching films.

12 years of slavery Plot:

A Free Man Solomon Northup Lives in New York with his wife and three children. Northup works many jobs to support his family. In 1841, two white crooks offered Northup a job at the circus. Northup accepts and travels to Washington DC with them. Later, he is drugged and sold to James H. Burch, a brutal slave trader. When Northup fights back and demands his freedom, Burch beats him into submission.

12 years a slave filmed
in frame – Patsy, Edwin Epps and Platt

In the meantime, Northup is sent to New Orleans with other prisoners. Northup’s name is changed to Platt to erase every shred of his identity. After that, Platt is bought by Willian Ford, a gentle master. However, due to financial difficulties, Ford sells Northup to a cruel carpenter named John M. Tibeats, and he becomes Platt’s worst enemy. When Tibeats beats Platt until he defends himself, which infuriated Tibeats. Tibeats tries to kill Platt. In the meantime, Ford arrives and saves the slave’s life. Later, Tibeats sells Platt to another cruel master, Edwin Epps.

Epps is worse than Tibeats. He usually beats Platt with whips whenever he’s having a hard time. However, the worst of Epps is for another minion, Patsy. He continuously rapes her and whips her for his jealous wife. Once, when Mrs. Epps denies Patsy any soap, she is forced to go to the bar to get one. She was caught by Epps and is mistaken for having sex. Epps forces Platt to whip her, half-naked, she screams for mercy in pain.

After ten years in this misery. Platt loses hope of seeing his family again until he meets Bass. Platt tells Bass his story and asks for help. He sent a letter to his friend from the North. After a few days, Cops arrives and Platt is finally free. The cops take him home. In the meantime, Northup talks to the police about Bruch, charges have been laid against Bruch and he is arrested. When Northup finally arrives home after 12 years, everyone bursts into tears. Northup apologizes, then he meets his grandson, who is named after him.

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12 years of slavery: true story or not?

Many wonder if 12 years of slavery is based on real events or not. To resolve this problem, Yes 12 slaves is a true story. Originally, this film was chosen after a novel published in 1853. This novel is an autobiography of the writer, who suffered from this in the pre-Civil War South. The author received an Oscar for “the strongest of the year”.

To throw:

Many actors were auditioned for the film, however, the best was chosen, such as Lupita Nyong’o as Patsy; Michael Fassbender as Edwin Epps; Sarah Paulson as Mary Epps; Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon Northup (aka Platt). Many good actors have been selected for different roles.

12 years a slave filmed
casting of 12 years of slavery

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12 Years A Slave Filming location:

New Orleans, Louisiana was chosen as a perfect location. The filming location chosen was where the original Northup had been purchased as a slave. The locality used was four historic pre-war plantations: Felicity, Bocage, Destrehan and Magnolia. However, many spots were chosen for several scenes like Slave pen filmed in Madame John’s Legacy, The French Quarter; The exterior of Epp’s home was filmed at Felicity Plantation; Ford’s House filmed at Magnolia Plantation-Highway 311.

12 years a slave filmed
New Orleans

New Orleans is a city in Louisiana famous for its nightlife, culture, and more. It is located near the Mississippi River in the southeastern region of the US states of Louisiana. Many movies/shows have been filmed here like Happy Death Day, Home Sweet Hell, Daddy’s Home, 21 Jump Street, Bad Moms, Five Feet Apart and many more. New Orleans is a hotspot for tourists as it has many historic homes. It is also famous for its culture, several festivals or its music.

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