10 Most Iconic Nicknames in Anime That You Should Know


A person’s name is a very valuable identity and asset of every human being. However, sometimes a person is better known by their nicknames. Their nicknames are more descriptive and give a brief indication of a person’s personality. The same goes for our beloved anime characters. In the fictional world where our favorite anime characters live, they have been given nicknames based on their abilities and powers. Sometimes they are given to them by their admirers or sometimes by their enemies. Either way, they still sound super cool and match their personality. To remember these iconic nicknames from various anime series, we have brought you a list of top 10 iconic nicknames in Anime.

These characters and their nicknames are chosen from various anime series, but they all belong to the shonen genre. Some of them focus on mages and magic, others revolve around competitive games, and some of them are based on a fictional ninja world. All of them are unique in their own sense just like the characters we got here from the respective anime series. The nicknames given to them on the show have a supportive purpose which is also observed by fans. Viewers supported these nicknames and generally referred to their favorite anime characters with this name. Let’s start with the list and see who has the most iconic nickname among all the characters.

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10 Most Iconic Anime Nicknames

The whole world of different anime characters has countless characters, just like their names. All of them are unique and iconic in their own way, but it’s not possible to list them all in a list targeting just ten characters. So, here I put you these characters whose nicknames are emblematic, in my opinion. Characters from some of the most legendary anime series such as Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and many more are featured in the list. All of these nicknames have a relevant reason behind them, so be sure to read their descriptions very carefully and get yourself spoilers. Each nickname for a particular character is officially given by the creator; no fan-made names are added to the list.

10. Frenzy Eater

Binge Eater is the nickname given to a very famous and brutal character Rize Kamishiro from the anime series Tokyo Ghoul. Binge Eater literally means a person who is a big eater and likes to eat. This term seems really normal until it is used for a ghoul such as Rize. Being a ghoul, she only gorges on human flesh, which makes her ten times more gruesome. Rize posed a great threat to many ghouls in various parts of Tokyo. He was a very capable, dangerous, and brutal ghoul who was willing to stoop to any level to get an appetite. While planning to gorge on series protagonist Ken Kaneki, she died in a Steel Beam incident. Although she remained the main character of the series, she was responsible for giving the series such progression.

Most Iconic Anime Nicknames
Rize Kamishiro

9. Titania

Next, we have another beautiful character on our list from the Fairy Tail series named Erza Scarlet. The character is known to be super strong and an S-class mage from the Fairy Tail guild. The name Titania was given to her by the people of Magnolia. Titania literally means “fairy queen” and this name was backed up by a lot of things about her. Erza is the strongest female character in the Fairy Tail guild, along with team member and leader Natsu is the strongest team in the entire guild. Later in the series, after the death of Guild Master Makarov, she was given the office of Guild Master. The power she has in Fairy Tail has made her the queen of the “Titania” fairies, which makes her more regal than she already is.

Erza Scarlet "Titania"
Erza Scarlet

8. King of Court

The name King of Court is a nickname for the character Kageyama Tobio from the anime series Haikyuu. As for Kageyama, we all know he is a great player and has serious volleyball skills. However, this name is not for him being an outstanding player and prodigy. This name is pejorative which describes his autocratic nature. During his last high school, his teammates gave him this nickname due to his arrogant behaviors. He used to constantly complain and order his teammates around. When things didn’t work out according to him, he lost it and went after his teammates, who then gave him that name. Later, in Karazuno High School, they followed him there too, and it remains constant everywhere.

Tobia Kageyama "king of courts"
Tobio Kageyama

7. Tornado of Terror

Next, we had Tatsumaki from the One Punch Man anime series. Although the entire series of One Punch Man has plenty of heroes with iconic nicknames. Here, this pretty lady has perfectly killed her title. Tatsumaki is an esper, or I have to say the strongest esper in the whole series of One Punch Man. She is a psychokinesis user and can effortlessly lift the entire Z City. Tastumaki also had great senses as she could sense that her sister was in danger from a distance. In the series, we saw how she was able to lift the huge boulders from the ocean and throw them at high speed. All of this is only possible for a tornado, which makes Tatsumaki’s name apt.

"tornado of terror" Tatsumaki

6. Kakarot

Here we have Goku from the classic Dragon Ball Z anime series. Throughout the series, you’ll hear Vegeta call him Kakarot from time to time. So why did he call him such a name when everyone called him Goku. The reason is that Kakarot is the Saiyan name given to Goku at the time of his birth. Just as we all refer to each other by the names they were given when they were born, Vegeta has the same conceptual thought that Kakarot is Goku’s proper name. So he insisted on calling him Kakarot when everyone was happy to call him Goku. That’s the only reason he was Vegeta called him Kakarot, which sounds like a nickname.

"Kakarot" Goku

5. Copy ninja

The character in the list is very well known and I think he doesn’t need an in-depth explanation. However, for those who still have some confusion regarding this nickname they gave to Kakashi from Naruto, here is your explanation. Kakashi was called the Copy Ninja due to his ability to copy other ninja’s moves and jutsu. He was called by this name by ninjas from other countries because of the Sharingan he got from Obito. It has given him access to a lot of things for his benefit, and one of them is copying movies. During all these ninja years, Kakashi has copied over a thousand Jutsu with years of experience, he has become one of the strongest ninja in the world.

"The copy ninja" Hatake Kakashi's iconic nickname
Hatake Kakashi

4. Eye patch

This place is reserved for our beloved sweet and handsome character from Tokyo Ghoul anime series. Ken Kaneki, the well-known protagonist of the series, is the one called Eye Patch. However, he was given other names like One-Eyed-Ghoul, and the two nicknames are interconnected. After Kaneki was transplanted with Rize’s organs and became a ghoul, he was unable to control his only Kakugan which manifests in his left eye. So, in order to cover that up, he wears a medical eye patch to hide it from his human friends. His ghoul is a leather mask that exposes his left eye covering the right, making him the one-eyed ghoul in the eyes of CCG officers and rival ghouls.

"Eye patch" Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki

3. Deku

Now you will meet another very famous anime character from My Hero Academia series. It is none other than Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of the series who is also called ‘Deku’. This nickname of Izuku was given to him by his childhood friend Bakugou. Since he was born without a quirk and everyone despised him, Bakugou gave him this name out of mockery. The literal meaning of Deku is someone who cannot do or achieve anything. The time Bakugour gave him that name, he didn’t get All Might’s transferable quirk and was quirk-free. Later, after meeting All might, everything changed, and now he is one of the strongest students at UA High.

Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya

2. Humanity’s Strongest Soldier

The ideal man for every woman in the world is Captain Levi from the Attack on Titan anime series. When it comes to Levi, size doesn’t matter as his skills are out of this world. Levi portrays a perfect swordsman and a skilled fighter when it comes to fighting to protect his people. Initially he was a criminal but then joined the Survey Corps to kill Erwin, but as things get worse and he sees his friends die at the hands of titans, he has become loyal to the captain. He trained and gained a lot of experience through which he became a strength and an inspiration to many soldiers. He gave many reasons which prove why he was called the strongest soldier of mankind.

Iconic Anime Nicknames
Levi Ackerman

1. Straw Hat

Finally, we got the most iconic nickname for the most iconic character from the most iconic anime series. Here we have Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece, which is known to be the longest running anime and manga series. All One Piece fans are very aware that they call Luffy the Straw Hat Luffy. Throughout the series, we see Luffy wearing a straw hat given to him by Red Hair Shanks. He promised Shanks to return that straw hat to him once he became a great pirate.

Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy

Based on this same hat, he named his pirate crew Straw Hat Pirates. Like its nickname, the Straw Hat has become the symbol of all Straw Hat Pirates and especially Luffy. Hence, he was given the nickname Straw Hat Luffy, which he carries with him every time. It shows his respect and how much he looks forward to his idol Red Hair Shanks.

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