10 Most Awaited Moments from KNY Swordsmith’s Village Arc to be Animated


Ever since Demon Slayer first came out in 2019, it has rapidly grown in popularity. After his debut movie, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train, his popularity rose way too high with no reason to stoop. Soon, without anyone knowing, KNY gained an excess of fans from all over the world. The latest episodes of Uzui VS Gyuutaro and the news that Demon Slayer Season 3 will be released in 2023 has fans everywhere going crazy.

Taking Twitter, Instagram and every possible social media platform by storm, fans are celebrating regardless. Keeping an eye on Ufotable studio, they did a much better job than most famous studios. Fans rehearsed and rehearsed each episode until they still couldn’t get enough. Now there is another hurdle to clear.

The hype is about what exactly will be the manga scenes that Demon Slayer could have in the third season? If you are curious, then make it read till the end.

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10 Moments From The Manga That Could Be Animated In KNY Season 3

Season 3 will be released in 2023, according to the official announcement. However, what scenes will be animated in this season, aren’t you curious? Here is ‘some‘ manga moments that Demon Slayer Season 3 will have.

10. Is Mitsuri’s appearance a premonition of trouble?

Swordsmith Village arc starts from manga chapter 100. After the intense battle with Upper Moon Six, Gyuutaro, and Daki, Tanjiro is now healed. After regaining consciousness a week later, he headed to the village to beg Haganezuka-san to get him another sword. At this time, Mitsuri seems to have taken a spring bath.

This moment will be one of the most hilarious. Why? Because Mitsuri’s warmth and Tanjiro’s response will have you rewinding the scene over and over again. As Mitsuri called out to Tanjiro, running around in his bathrobe, Tanjiro’s brother mode shouted, “Oh please be careful. Your breasts will overflow!!“I wonder how this scene will be animated!

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
Pillar of Love: Mitsuri Kanroji

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9. Yoriichi Zeroshiki

These earrings, with a somewhat familiar appearance, are a doll assembled from the memories of a real swordsman. After Mitsuri, Tokitou makes an appearance in the village and stops to train with the doll known as Yoriichi Zeroshiki. The doll had six arms, otherwise the swordsmen couldn’t replicate Yorichi’s movements. Yoriichi who? Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the first user of Sun Breath, the breath from which other forms of breath originated.

The doll’s movements, which date back to the Sengoku era, are similar to Yoriichi in a way and have six arms, so Kotetsu-kun says. This doll is a replica of Yoriichi, who was about to kill Muzan.

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
The Yoriichi Zeroshiki Doll

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8. The flesh of the villagers is not edible

Not a day goes by without demons causing trouble. There are Upper Moon Four and Five, Hantengu and Gyokko respectively, to create trouble, rather to kill everyone in Swordsmith Village. The most shocking part is that Tanjrou and Tokitou didn’t notice the demon until he slid the door open and entered the room.

What makes it even more intriguing is that after Tokitou cut off his head, he still isn’t dead. Instead, the head grew into a body, and the body grew into a head!!

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
Gyokko appears in the Village

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7. Haganezuka’s face behind the mask

Unbreakable focus. Love for a sword and its materials. The concentration and determination with which one can do things without being aware of what is happening outside. Haganezuka, Tanjiro’s blacksmith, continues to scrape the blade even after Gyokko has just kicked down the door. “He is so immersed in his work that he didn’t even notice the wonderful Gyokko!said the top rank five.

Even Gyokko, the artist, couldn’t concentrate for as long with as much passion as Haganezuka. But that’s not exactly the point. The most fascinating part of this scene is Haganezuka’s face. I bet all the fans would be so surprised to even forget what he looked like before. His face is second only to Uzui. Moreover, he is not old at all!

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
(Don’t be fooled by the mask!) Haganezuka and Tanjiro

6. “F##king Tiny!”

Genya’s transformation and skills will be best shown during the Swordsmith Village arc. As he attempts to execute the four of the top rank, Hantengu, he is nowhere to be found. How is it possible ? Hantengu has shrunk to the size of a rat!

Genya had a hard time dealing with this creepy cat bastard. His gun couldn’t kill him because he was too small. Genya wasn’t even sure it was her real body. “Sneaky fucking little punk! It’s a dirty way to play! Genya exclaimed.

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
Genya at its limits

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5. A scar with resolution and power

Because he was pushed to his limit and passed it a long time ago, Muichiro Tokito is seen to have a mark appearing on his cheek and forehead. He is one of the elect. The ‘Mu’ in Muichiro is the ‘in’ in infinity!

His memories, which had faded, came back to him as he stood at death’s door. Now the enraged Muichiro fights with all his might; as the mark appeared, his strength increased, and his determination could even pierce a higher-ranking demon in no time. “You can be as flashy as you want, but it’s useless if you can’t touch me,said Muichiro, now profiting (in a dangerous way) from his fights with Gyokko.

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
Pillar of Mist: Muichiro Tokitou

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4. “Kahh! That’s a big monster! What’s that?”

Just when Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya were about to be swallowed, the Pillar of Love came to the rescue. Knowing Mitsuri, she screamed even though she is so capable. I guess that’s just his nature. Because fans didn’t know much about Kanroji, they instinctively thought she was a carefree girl. Always laughing, smiling and eating, “Mitsuri’s life is the best” is what everyone might think.

However, they didn’t know that all of his good qualities had actually made his life quite sad. Trying to convince her marriage partner, she even changed her way of being. To her surprise, she was turned down, saying how she looked like a bear. Nonetheless, this is one of the most anticipated moments as fans will see the Kanroji Mitsuri no one knew. So, look forward to it.

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
The Mitsuri brand appeared

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3. Tanjiro uses Breath Of Thunder

Hantengu drove even the fans crazy. Running like a rat instead of fighting face to face, Genya couldn’t hold him back anymore. He even threw a tree at Hantengu! It’s hilarious, yes. However, the shocking or, shall we say, the most exciting part is when Tanjiro uses Zenitsu’s Breath of Thunder.

Tanjiro’s legs were giving way. He couldn’t run for much longer now. That’s when he remembers Zenitsu’s advice. Because the breath of thunder causes one to focus on one’s legs, Tanjiro applies the technique in this situation. But it’s really hard to grasp, it’s the size of each muscle. But once someone grabs it, it can go into full focus mode. This will be one of the exciting scenes to watch.

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
Tanjiro makes full use of Zenitsu’s thunder breath

2. He is in the heart

The Upper Rank Four Demon, Hantengu, is one of the most scary demons in the story. Someone rightly said, “Fear (and laziness) makes you do the impossible. Because you want to be protected, you would find all the means to be protected. Hantengu is the same. He created demon after demon, only to hide in a demon’s heart!

Tanjiro cut off Hantengu’s head, only to see the characters in his language as “resentment”. However, Hantengu should have written “Fear”. Knowing something was wrong, Tanjiro chased after him. “Mend this with your life.”

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate
Tanjiro will chop off Hantengu’s head

1. “I won… But I sacrificed Nezuko”

Defeating Hantengu came with the sacrifice of Nezuko. Dawn was near and Nezuko was in the open field. Tanjiro delayed the choice, either killing Hantengu or protecting Nezuko. Since Nezuko is Tanjiro’s sister, she knew what to do. She threw Tanjiro away from where Hantengu was. Tanjiro killed Hantengu, but he still suffered a great loss.

Nezuko is the very first demon to have surpassed the sun. No, Nezuko is not dead. (Good news, right?) Not only can she withstand the sun, but she can also talk now!

10 Most Anticipated KNY Swordsmith Village Arc Moments To Animate

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